Monday, October 25, 2010

Derpo Complete, Undead, and Coastal Assault Empire

I've finished up Derpo, seen below, and the paints I used, in this order are:
Basecoat Tallarn Flesh, followed by Dwarf Flesh, then Devlan Mud. Highlights on the scars with full Dwarf Flesh. Hair and beard where FolkArt Pure Orange. The Axes where Graveyard Earth hafts, Dwarf Bronze for the metal, and now for the blood. I started with Scab Red, then applied Blood Red, then a wash of Baal Red.

And here is the first Undead I've done for Castle Grewyn. I used Skull White, then washed Devlan Mud over it for the bones, FolkArt Silver Stirling for all the metals, then washed them with Badab Black. The Robes are Scab Red. Taking a tip from White Dwarf number 369, I used Hawk Turquoise to make the skeleton look like he is filled with an arcane light. Also, the shield is Graveyard Earth with Badab Black in the crevasses, with a Scab Red symbols on it.

And here is the basic color scheme for my Empire army, basically Warlock Purple and Sunburst Yellow, more detailing when I've based the entire Coastal Assault force.


  1. I like the color scheme on your Empire, I think that will look good on an entire army.

  2. I'm looking into decals for the banners, as I can't freehand with a brush that well. Maybe use one of those quarter machine temporary tattoos.