Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Ugh. By a overwhelming majority, derived from several different people, everyone wants to see the darn Wardancer. I have to say, I did not enjoy painting this, and it shows. The model looks silly, the clothing was a pain and the facial features where so ill-defined that...just...ugh. I probably will not be touching this model ever again, crappy paint or not.

The skin is Tallarn Flesh and then Elf Flesh. The rope/binding things are Chaos Black, Dessert Yellow, and a wash of Devlan Mud. The loincloth and breast cup things, as well as the spear are Graveyard Earth. The hair is Blood Red, the scraps of cloth are Warlock Purple, and the Blood is the usual mix, the same applies for the zombie's head.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crypt Ghouls of Castle Grewyn

And here is the first Grave Ghoul I've painted. I used a 1:3 mix of Dwarf Flesh and Astronomicon Grey for the basecoat of the skin. The hair is Graveyard Earth, highlighted with Dessert Yellow. The Eyes are Hawk Turquoise, the skin highlights are Dwarf Flesh. The blood everywhere is a Scab Red basecoat, then a layer of Blood Red mixed in before the Scab Red had finished drying, and then a final wash of Baal Red. The talons and bones are Skull White, and the entire model is washed with Devlan Mud.

The base is painted Graveyard Earth, was then frocked with some static grass, which was covered again with Graveyard Earth. The tile/stone is made from cut up cardboard from the the Ghouls came in, then painted Astronomicon Grey, and washed with, you guessed it, Devlan Mud. Then the blood splatter was added, with the usual mix of Scab and Blood Reds.
Tomorrow I'll be posting either an Empire Warrior Priest or a Wood Elf Wardancer. Post a comment and I'll see which is most popular.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Derpo Complete, Undead, and Coastal Assault Empire

I've finished up Derpo, seen below, and the paints I used, in this order are:
Basecoat Tallarn Flesh, followed by Dwarf Flesh, then Devlan Mud. Highlights on the scars with full Dwarf Flesh. Hair and beard where FolkArt Pure Orange. The Axes where Graveyard Earth hafts, Dwarf Bronze for the metal, and now for the blood. I started with Scab Red, then applied Blood Red, then a wash of Baal Red.

And here is the first Undead I've done for Castle Grewyn. I used Skull White, then washed Devlan Mud over it for the bones, FolkArt Silver Stirling for all the metals, then washed them with Badab Black. The Robes are Scab Red. Taking a tip from White Dwarf number 369, I used Hawk Turquoise to make the skeleton look like he is filled with an arcane light. Also, the shield is Graveyard Earth with Badab Black in the crevasses, with a Scab Red symbols on it.

And here is the basic color scheme for my Empire army, basically Warlock Purple and Sunburst Yellow, more detailing when I've based the entire Coastal Assault force.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Derpo Goblinstrangler and the Return of Torpedo Vegas

Gentlemen, BEHOLD:

That is Derpo Goblinstrangler, the first ,model painted for my spectacular return B.C. games next month,, hope you are happy Ian.

Anyways, I've been swamped the past week, so sorry for the lack of any poss, and for the poor photo quality, I'm still looking for a new camera. Anyways, the tournament went average, for me anyway, with a 1-0-2 record, and placing 6th out of 8th overall.
More painting updates are to follow, as well as the PC's for South Walton Game Club's DEATHWATCH campaign.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vegas's painting extravaganza!

This month's 400 point Combat Patrol is one week away, and half of my army is painted. So, I will be paining roughly 23 guardsmen in one week. Its go time. I'll be posting daily updates until this upcoming Sunday.

Friday, October 15, 2010

First Dorf painted, new Empire paint scheme

I have received a substantial boost to my Dorf army, and am messing around with color schemes. I want to tie all of my armies together, so I'm painting every army with warm colors, namely red and gold, with the Empire having a more purple and yellow scheme.

The red parts are all Scab Red with a Baal Red wash, the silver metal is folkart Silver Stirling, the remianing metal is Dwarf Bronze. The skin is Tallarn Flesh highlighted with Dwarf Flesh. The beard is Graveyard Earth, then Dessert Yellow, Devlan Mud and Baal Red. The entire model was washed in Devlan Mud. And here are the test models for my new empire scheme:

The purple sides where basecoated with Chaos Black, then drybrushed with several thinned layers of Warlock Purple, then washed with Baal Red. The Yellow was based in Skull White, then Sunburst Yellow. The armor and swords where based, again, in Silver Sterling, then, to add some zazz, I painted some armor segments with Dwarf Bronze.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"The Siege", a Warhammer scenario for three players.

Right, in order to accommodate a three player game, and get to use some awesome terrain, I've developed this scenario:

Game Lasts 6 turns
There are three objectives. The Village, the Pass and The Castle. The Castle is in the Defender deployment and is worth 10 Points. It is under control if the controllers army has more units (point wise) in it than the other, or if they are the only army in The Castle.
The Village is worth 5 Points. Same method of capture as above.
The Pass: The pass is worth Zero points, but If it is under control, all Core choices of the Army that controls it can, after being destroyed, re enter play with the same equipment and numbers, minus any magic items. They are treated as entering play form Reserves.

Point Allocation:The three armies are divided into two groups, the Attackers, and the Defender. The Defender is allowed only 66% the point value of the Attackers, but all Defender units are Stubborn, and there is no limit to the repetition of units for Special and Rare selections.
The Attackers: The remaining two armies are clustered into the "Attackers". The point value of the "Attacker" army has to be divided evenly between the two Armies that make it up. For example, the Attackers Army is composed of two 1500 point Armies, commanded by two separate Generals.

Winning Conditions:
Over all: who ever has the most Territory points at the end of the Game wins, however there are other ways:
Defenders: The Defender's deployment area has to have at least one unit, not engaged in combat to gain victory, or the Attacker's army is at 33% of their point value, in which case the siege is broken. However, the Defending Army has to have more units (Point wise) alive than the Attackers to be able to have this victory condition applicable.

Attackers: follow this special rule:
STARVE THEM OUT!: If an opposing Army controls "The Village" than, for every turn after turn 3 that the Village and The Castle remain under separate hands, the Army controlling "The Castle" has to take a panic test. If passed, they lose the Smallest unit (point wise) to starvation. If failed, then the Army panics. A randomly selected unit Breaks towards the nearest table top, and the smallest unit bar the fleeing unit is starved to death. This continues till the Game ends or the Village switches hands.

The Attackers are also subject to this rule:
Alliance Broken!: If the Attackers shared point value drops to 33% of its total, the alliance is broken. The Attackers now count as two separate armies, and can attack each other, take objects held by each other, and do not benefit form any bonuses that would be shared by an Alliance i.e. buffs, re-rolls, and are treated for all intents and purposes as two separate enemy armies, to each other and the defenders.

The Defenders Deploy from their labeled "Deployment Zone", The Castle is located inside the Defender Deployment.
The Attackers deploy 12 inches from the long table edges, but cannot get within 6 inches of the Defender's deployment or the Pass.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dose O' Hobby, Wednesday, October 12th

I've finished one unit of Ogre bulls, as well as a Gorger and my Tyrant, see below:

And my Gorger. I used a Chaos Black base, with Dwarf Flesh, followed by Elf Flesh, a wash of Ogryn Flesh, and then Baal Red on the hands and mouth. The Face has a wash of Leviathan Purple. The hair is Dessert Yellow, washed with Leviathan Purple.
The cloth bands are Dessert Yellow, and the loin cloth is Scab Red.

Check out this poorly focused image of my Tyrant!

I used the Minotaur champion model from the Beastmen set, used some Green Stuff to sculpt rags on his legs, and add some armor and extend the wrists to fit the giant axe. My Ogres technically live in the Empire, and as such, I've added some Sigmarite and Ulirc fetishes, mainly the hammer pendant and the sculpted white fur and claws. He uses the same paint scheme as the basic Ogre Bulls, just more armor.

In other news, I'm trading my entire Skaven collection for Dorfs, so if anyone wants some IoB High Elves, comment on this, we will make a deal.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dose O' Hobby,Saturday, October 9th

I've now finished four ogre bulls, and have eight to go. The painting was done in the same manner as on the test model. For the bases, I drybrushed Graveyard Earth onto them, then brushed some Elmer's Wood Glue onto the base, then plopped a bunch of felt grass unto the base, shook it while it was upside down, and repeated, till the top of the base was covered. Then I placed blotches of crazy glue on the base, and poured some Galeforce snow on it, shook it, and after it dried, layered some more glue unto the snow mounds, and poured more snow. Sorry that I couldn't get a better picture of the Standard, but my camera will only take blurry photos of it, for some reason.

In other news, I've also purchased the Space Hulk card game, which should be pretty fun. I'll post a more in depth look of the mechanics and gameplay later.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ogre Army Color Scheme/first model

So here is the first painted Ogre I have down. I'm going to go with White Dwarf's John Blanche color scheme, mainly black, reds and metals. I used a base of Chaos Black, then Applied Tallarn Flesh, followed by a wash of Ogryn Flesh, than Dwarf Flesh, a highlight of Elven Flesh, Leviathan Purple wash around th eyes, mouth, and parts of the arms, then another wash of Ogryn Flesh to tie it together. I used store brand metal paint for the silver of the Ironfist and the metal bindings of the club, and earrings. The Gutplate and metal shoes are Dwarf Bronze, with Hawk Turquoise highlights. The stone of the clubs was a mix of 3:1 store brand white and store brand black, the cloth of the handle was DecoArt Buttermilk, the handle was painted several layers of Scab Red, as where the pants. All the black was Chaos Black/store brand Black. The teeth where just white, and the tongue a 2:1 mix of red and white, so a reddish pink color.

Dose O' Hobby,Wednesday, October 6th

My ogres actually arrived yesterday, buy I lost my house key, and had to wait for someone else to come home and open the door. And some bad fish yesterday gave me food poisoning.Anyways, here they are, I'm basing the in Chaos Black right now, and will start painting them either today or tomorrow.

And here is my Butcher. For those not in the know, Ogres don't get wizards, instead they get "Butchers" and "Slaughtermasters", which are Level 2 and Level 4 wizards, respectively, with their own lore "Gut Magic", which I can best describe as a more dangerous lore of Beasts/Life. I used Green Stuff to make a skull mantle (that blob of stuff covering his face), as well as filling out the gut, making an apron, and some guts on his sword, and I used the Standard Bearer arm, and glued on a skeleton form the Kroot set.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Empire Vs. High Elves, now with more camera failure.

My camera has failed me. As a result I have not been able to upload the BT photos. However through my kung fu grip on the English language, I shall paint for you a scene, that, while not a turn-by-turn analysis, is pretty accurate.

Dawn, the morning mists swirl away, revealing a rustic chapel, yellow painted aged brown from age, the trees rustling in the breeze. Above the gentle shaking of branches, the sermon of a Warrior-Priest is heard. Clad in a simple red robe, bearing a shield in one hand and a hammer in the other, he bellows unforgiving verses from the Canticle of the Heldenhammer. Heart-felt cries of approval emerge from the gathered crowd. Nineteen swordsmen, their black and white shields battered, their blades knicked and damaged form battle; ten Greatswords, standing proud in stained armor and leaning on their massive blades. The ten handgunners and mortar team stand away from the men, loading their arms, checking powder, shot, making sure all is in order. The wild form of the local Jade Wizard stands near a grove a trees. From the west, a call of horns is heard.

The drilled marching of feet and the gallop of hooves is heard. A glittering host of disciplined fighters emerge from the forest, resplendent in white cloth and silver mail, wielding fine spears, master crafted bows and massive seven foot long blades. Their liege lord arrives at the front of the column and bellows "Men of the Empire, your Shrine stands upon an Anvil of Voul! Remove yourselves!". Silence, followed by the single report of a rifle. The missile whizzes past the Elf Nobleman's ear. "So be it."

The rallying cries of the Warrior-Priest pierce the dawn as the Swordsmen gather around him. The mortar team lays down their venerable war-machine near the chapel. The Hangunners postion themselves opposite the Greatswords. Across the field marked only by the ruin of a single pillar of stone forms the High Elven line.

Brilliant banners rise above the silver helmed heads of rows of hardened Sea-Guard, standing next to the grim and skilled Swordmasters, their blades gleaming with a magical sharpness. A falcon soars above. The rustle of leaves, the movement of shapes in the forest. A murmured prayer here, a reassuring glance from a friend, the though of those at home.

Horns blare, the Sea-Guard march forward in perfect lines. The Nobleman observes the proceedings.

"FORWARD, SONS OF SIGAMR" Cries the Warrior-Priest, the Swordsmen rush forward, and meet Elven spears with Dwarfen shield and Imperial steel. The Elve's super-natural speed and skill lay-low two swordsmen, while the powerful strikes of the Warrior-Priest's hammer and the combined might of two ranks of Swordsmen bring three Elves to their deaths. The Nobleman jumps into the unit of Swordmasters, and moves towards the Handgunners, who reply with well aimed retorts of the armor piercing, lead-based variety, and two Swordmasters collapse under the weight of the fire. A mortar fires, slaying two Reaver horsemen, who ready thier bows and fire, slaying the Jade Wizard.

Through sheer fury, the Warrior-Priest leads his Swordsmen to victory, slaying the Sea-Guard to a Elf, and bellowing a challenge to the Reaver Champion, who engages him in single-combat. The Swordmaster charge the Handgunner's Greatsword escort, slaying all ten of the rugged veterans in a flash of steel and blood, leaping over still warm corpses and charging the Handgunners, who respond by letting loose a storm of lead, cutting down the five Swordmasters too slow to dodge the projectiles. However, four Swordmasters remain, as well the Nobleman, who chop through the Handgunners with smug ease. The Warrior priest slams blow after blow with his hammer, while the Reaver Champion parrys and ducks and weaves. A flash of Elven steel, a splash of crimson as the Champion removes the Warrior Priest's head in a moment of weakened defense.

And that its. for those who wish to know, the Elves won, due to the Victory Point system. However, I really enjoyed this game, it was really fun and a nice change of pace from all the Skaven and Tau. Ogres here tomorrow, thanks for reading.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dose O' Hobby, Sunday, Oct 3rd

Righty-o, as the more astute of the readers may have noticed, the alleged last BT for the tourney is not up yet, nor will it for a while, I think. However, as tommorow is Game Day, I will have an Empire vs. High Elf one up. Anyhow, here is the stuff I've been working on.

This is why I love Guard kits. All you see in this model was mix'd and mash'd from the Command squad. A cloak army from the sniper, the chainsword hand from the Standard Bearer and the las-pistol from one of the veterans. The vox-bead/rebreather thing comes with the kit also. I think it gives a great example of a Guard officer overall. Pomp and kinda overdressed, but also scarred and dangerous looking. I'm gonna really enjoy painting this guy. Next we have what is likely going to be my 400 point Combat Patrol army.

Yessir, 400 points of footslogging goodness. I can't think of any other army except Orks and 'nids who can field 56 men in a 400 point game. Going to try them out this Friday.

In other news, my Ogre battalion box comes in the mail on tuesday. I'll have a few built for the nest dose.

Thanks for reading.