Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shifting into maximum overdrive.

And I'm back from my Christmas hiatus with a whole bunch of stuff to show ya'll. First on the itinerary, I have officially started to work on my Dark Eldar, and have built 10 Warriors and 10 Wyches. The new kits are fantastic, full of tons of options. I would show a picture, but in my haste to build all my my models, the sprues are now just that, sprues with nothing on them, picked clean of bits. I have painted a test mini, and have settled on a color scheme of cold blues, greys and steel, with black as a base color on the model, see below:

There is a lot of detail on the models themselves, so they are going to be an exercise in highlights as well as gaming. I'll try to have a painted Wych up later this week.
I picked up one of the new WFB terrain pieces "Dreadstone Blight", basically a huge ruined tower. The kit came in a grand total of maybe 20 pieces, and was very easy to assemble. There is plenty of detail on the tower, though skulls are, as always, very prevalent, for whatever reason.

On a final note, I desided that my next fantasy project after I finsih up my Empire army will be Chaos Dwarfs. I've been looking into thier fluff, and they are arguebably the most origianl race in Warhammer. I really like the mesopatamic influences in thier backkstroy, and with Mantic Games relaeseing a new range of 28mm chaos dwarfs I have set my mind to it. I'll be using the Ravening Hordes CD list from White Dwarf, as well as the American Indy GT CD unofficial army book. I converted one of my Battle for Skull Pass dwarfs into a Chaos Dwarf Lord, using a lot of Green Stuff (for the beard) , as well as bits from the Chas Knights and Marauders kits.

I will likely be going for a bronze and purple paint scheme, though I don't know what color the skin should be. Any suggestions would be appreciated, and comments on welcome.
EDIT: Yes, I am aware that the base isn't great, lava is reeaaallyy hard to do.

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