Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cleaning and painting resin bases

EDIT: For some reason I cannot get some of the picture to a reasonable size. I'll try and work around it. If you want a clearer photo, just click on it, it'll expand for you.

I got some resin bases this morning from Secret Weapon Bases, and I figured I should do a quick run through of how to clean these guys up.

First, the materials:
Your resin products:

and some warm water, soap/dish detergent, and a file.

Now the, Step One: File away.
You may find that you have some flash, file or cut it off, but don't try and snap it. Resin is very brittle, it will break. Be careful to not inhale any of the resin dust,its not very healthy.

Step Two: Wash.
You may find that the resin still has some sealing agent on it. This is when you wash it in warm, not hot (as this will make the resin soft and bendable) and soapy water. Make sure you clean it well.

Step Three:Prime.
Your resin models will need to be primed to allow paint to stick well. Make sure wha you have is a "Primer" or a bonding agent. Regular spray paint can work, but primer is better and you won't lose as much detail with it.

Now, lets apply some paint. As these particular bases are ruins, I used a lot of greys, blacks and metals.
Here are some painted ones:

Now I'll break down how I painted these.
For the rubble, I either used 1) a base of black, followed by a dry brush of dark grey (equal parts black and white "Apple Barrel" brand paints). Or 2)A base of black, followed by Snakebite Leather, then Scab Red, then a drybrush of Snakebite Leather again.
For the pavement/side walks, I used a base of black followed by a light grey layer (2 parts white, one part black.)
The roads where done with 2 parts black one part white paint.
Metals where done with a simple black basecoat, then a layer of Chainmail and a wash using Red Oak woodstain.

And here is a fully painted and based unit, complete with Transport. Specifically the Searing Arrow kabalite squad with their Raider The Death that Sails. Yes, I did replace its flying base, but the resin base is the same size, so I doubt anyone will mind.

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