Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dark Eldar Grotesques conversion.

More conversions up today, this time using Ogre Kingdoms Gorgers, some green stuff and, and various new plastic bits.

Here is Grotesque Number One (He/She/It hasn't been named yet), using the Gorger as a base, a prow from a Raider/Ravager for a head, Several splinter weapon barrels for his Flesh Gauntlet/Scissorhand, and some green stuff tubing and added flesh sacks on his back.

And here is the second one, with a Green Stuff mask (needs work), son tubing, chains on his hands,and a back...fin...thing.

I also ordered up a pair of Paulson Games Bio-Terrors, which, when they arrive in 1-2 weeks, will give me 4 Grotesques. Updated army up tomorrow, C&C welcome.

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