Thursday, March 24, 2011

Painted Grotesques, sneak peak at (converted) Talos/Chronos

EDIT: My camera has come down with a case of the sucks, I shall try and get it fixed, sorry for sub-par photo quality.

To celebrate at Boxcars getting its 5,000th view, I give you this:

They are both done, though one isn't based yet; I used my standard Ogre paint scheme, that is Tallarn flesh and Ogryn Flesh for the skin, and Scab Red and Blood Red highlights for the loincloths. Extra paints/washes include Baal Red and Leviathan Purple to make their skin look angry and raw, Red Oak stain for the weapons and bones, and a 1:1 mix of black and white for the drybrush on the base.

Here is a Pain Engine I started work on today. In a fit of madness, I struck down the Elven Prince and his Griffon stead from the Island of Blood, and cutting the Griffon in half, casting its legs and rider to the ground, while grabbing a whole load of green stuff and a bunch of plastic Spiders, I set to work constructing this twisted husk of putty and plastic.

Comments are welcome.

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  1. Amazing work, I will be watching this like a hawk!

    What really caught my eye was your pyramid head style Grotesque. Just give him a big sword and that would be amazing.

    Can't wait to see more!