Monday, April 18, 2011

Sand and Glue, cheap basing

Or how I learned to stop worrying about and love basing.

To add to my trench works tutorial,  figured I'd go over how to make some quality bases on the cheap.
What you'll need:
A full bits/scrap box

Now, I know that most of you have a box full of bits or unused models somewhere, I know I do. Lets but those bits to use. Here is my random stuff box:

You'll need some sand to, somewhat gravelly, not to fine, but make sure to not have too many chunks of rock. I get mine from my yard.
Sand and rocks, on the ground near you!

So, I managed to salvage a broken up Dreadnought Chassis and some razor wire, so it looks like I'm going to be using a large base. One of my Ravagers needs a scenic base, so thats what this is for. You'll need a large amount of glue, make sure you don't run out halfway through the project.

Alright, what you want to do is coat the base in glue, and then dip is in the sand so it is completely submerged. Pull it out and shake off any excess sand, then re-apply glue to any areas not covered, and dip again. It'll take a few dips to cover the base completely, make sure to wipe of excess on the base's rim.

Since this is a skimmer base, I put the dreadnought right in the center, and then glued on a flight stand. Here is how it came out:
Zoom zoom zoom!

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