Monday, September 27, 2010

330th Armageddon Steel Legion, Armored Elements.

Here are the painted and modeled tanks of the 330th Armageddon Steel Legion, 3rd Battalion, B company, or "the Dreamcrushers". Why? Because they have not had a single victory. Ever. In case anyone wants to know, I used the blue-tac method to paint. Basically, for those not in the know, its when you spray a base coat of color x (In this case Krylon brand spray paint, Ivory, with a satin finish), then cover the parts you want to be that color with blue-tac or putty or clay, and apply another coat of paint y (this time Krylon brand metal paint, Pewter.) Rinse and repeat till you have the camo scheme you desire, then add squad markings, kill counts, decals, etc. I used thinned "Craftsman" brand white paint for the company and squad markings, as well as Blood Red, because I like how vivid it comes out, especially if given a gloss finish.
Adding simple black paint on the treads, and mixing black with an aged brass paint to give the impression of scorched metal (A 2:1 mix, black and brass respectively, brass was watered down). I used Graveyard Earth for the mud on the treads, hulls, etc, and am going to add sand and small pebbles to the bottom, like my actual Guardsmen, who I'll post when most are done. On another note, I just came into possession of the Deathwatch 40k RPG core rulebook, and I'll have a run through of that up by next week. The names of the tanks are, in the left column of the picture bellow are, with the exception of the LRBT, Sunthrower and Demonbane. The Right Column holds the LRD "Warpcrusher", and the Chimeras Resister and Hill Taker. Thanks for reading.


  1. The camo effect came across nicely. And did you ever stop to think that it is not their fault they haven't won? Ever?