Monday, September 27, 2010

Imperial Guard vs. Orks, 1250 points

First Game of Sunday's tourney. My list is featured a few posts back, my opponent's is as follows:
Warboss with power klaw
Painboy and nine ork nobs
One trukk.
16 Boyz
4 Deffkoptas (with big bombs)
1 bike with scorcha
(I want to say 10 'ard boyz as well, but to be honest, I didnt write it down, and they didnt do a thing the entire game.)


Turn 1(Orks)
First turn, the ork bike rushes forward thirteen inches, thanks to red paint job, while both boyz mobs move forward, the trukk, filled with nobby warbossy goodness rushed forward as well. The 4 deffcoptas fly toward my Chimera right hook, launching several missiles, three hit, but fail to penetrate or even glance. During the shooting phase, all the orks choose to run, reaching the middle of the table.
The bike with scorcha opens fire, slaying a good half of White Squad (because they're uniform is light tan, as opposed to my other squad in the platoon, whose armor is yellow-brown)

Turn 1(Guard)
My HQ Chimera, Plasma Squad Chimera and Grenadiers Chimera move 6 inches forward. All sqauds disembark (I was hoping to get LoS on the boyz mobz, to no avail, this proves to be a really bad move) My Demo Team Chimera, way on the far right of the table moves 12 inches forward. The "Right Hook" Chimeras open fire on the Deffkoptas, causing two wounds, which kills one in a spectacular explosion. My Leman Russ Battle Tank slays 3 hard Boyz while the Autocannon of White Squad kills 2 Nobs. My Leman Russ Demolisher "Warpcrusher" (You'll find out how it got that name in 2 posts) moves a full 12 inches forward.
This is how the game is looking at the bottom of turn one:

Turn 2(Orks)
Both Ork Boyz mobs rush toward my gunline, while the trukk bearing the Warboss and the remaining Nobs, plus Painboy, hop out. The Deffkoptas move forward and drop a Bug Bomb, wiping out my Company Command Squad.
Turn 2(Guard)
All Vet. Squads run back into their Chimeras, and drive into the Boyz mob with a TANK SHOCK! Thanks to their mob Leadership, they all actually move closer to my gun line.
The Leman Russ Battle Tank only manages to kill 1 Nob, thanks to the infernal Painboy. Yellow Squad makes good use of Autocannons, which slays 3 Boys. Laser Fire from the Plasma Chimera leads to the Scorcha on the bike being destroyed.
Here is the situation at the bottom of turn 2:

Turn 3(Orks)
This is the beginning of the end for my Guardsmen. The mobz assault on all fronts. My gunline is overrun with orks, my Leman Russ is racked with powerful blows from the Warboss's Power Klaw, and is wrecked. Both White and Yellow squads are killed, leaving my Platoon Commander alone with his four man retinue. Surrounded. By over 20 Orks. The Deffkoptas shoot at my Warpcrusher, causing a spectacular explosion which just leaves a rather large crater in the ground.
Turn 3(Guard)
Things are looking extra grim. However, all is not lost. All the Vet Squads disembark. Launching massive salvos of plasma, frag grenades, las-fire, and off course several microwave blasts from the Demo Squad. The Ork Trukk careens into a building and explodes, while all the Deathkopptas are shot down. The Nobz mob is thinned only slightly.
This is the sitiuation at the end of turn 3:

Now. I'm going to rap this up in a few words and pictures. As you can see,the guardsmen where all going to die. So, using my Chimeras, I loaded up every single squad left. And legged it. I'll let these photos speak for themselves:
Turn 4

Turn 5

The game ends with the Ork mobs chasing three Chimeras across the battlefield. However, as we where playing Annihilation, our final victory point scores where 8 for me and 32 for him. Yeah. So far all I had experienced was a crushing defeat. It gets better, don't worry.

Thanks for reading,the next Battle Rep.will be up on Tuesday, I hope.