Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dose O' Hobby 10/29/10

This is a new feature I'm debating weather or not to add. Basically a tri-weekly update with what I'm working on. Lets see how everyone likes it.

Here;s a picture of what I worked on today. Finally managed to get to work on the Cadian battleforce, and painted some more BT's, as well the High Elf mage.

I wanted to make each squad of the Heavy Weapons team look different, so I added minor details on each. I also figured that a dedicated heavy weapons team would likely have some sort of sergeant, so I added the power sword/augmetic arm to the lead team, as well as a muzzle extension to their autocannon, though I left the autocannon un-glued , so that I can swap them out for Lascannons in case I face any MEQ armies.

The Black Templars, as always, are very easy to paint, to the point where I didnt use highlights. A base coat of black, sevral thin layers of white, some scab red, and BOOM they are done. Now the mage was ,uch more difficult. It has an infuriatingly high level of detail. However, I must say I enjoyed the cape. More on that in a bit. I really wanted to keep a cool color motif, so I stuck to blues, silvers, the like. Even the cloth isn't white, i mixed a small amount of ultramarine blue into my white paint, so it is a very subtle shade of powder blue in the right light. I made the helmet gold to blend with the warm tan-yellow of his skin, and to attempt to draw the eye there.

And here is the cape:

I really enjoyed painting the cape. I started with an airbrushed layer of white paint, followed by a heavy drybrush of ultramirne blue. When that dried, I applied a lighter layer of Folkartbrand cobalt, leaving the darker ultramarine in the recesses. With that done, I used a metallic cobalt highlight along the crests of the cape's folds, and I really like hot it turned out. I'll likely be adding gold designs along the edges for some contrast.

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