Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dose O' Hobby, Sunday, Oct 3rd

Righty-o, as the more astute of the readers may have noticed, the alleged last BT for the tourney is not up yet, nor will it for a while, I think. However, as tommorow is Game Day, I will have an Empire vs. High Elf one up. Anyhow, here is the stuff I've been working on.

This is why I love Guard kits. All you see in this model was mix'd and mash'd from the Command squad. A cloak army from the sniper, the chainsword hand from the Standard Bearer and the las-pistol from one of the veterans. The vox-bead/rebreather thing comes with the kit also. I think it gives a great example of a Guard officer overall. Pomp and kinda overdressed, but also scarred and dangerous looking. I'm gonna really enjoy painting this guy. Next we have what is likely going to be my 400 point Combat Patrol army.

Yessir, 400 points of footslogging goodness. I can't think of any other army except Orks and 'nids who can field 56 men in a 400 point game. Going to try them out this Friday.

In other news, my Ogre battalion box comes in the mail on tuesday. I'll have a few built for the nest dose.

Thanks for reading.

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