Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Island Of Blood, High Elves vs. Skaven

I felt it appropriate to have the first battle teport also be the first game at the South Walton Game Club, as well as using the new starter set for the new edition. Wow, quadruple whammy. Anyways, here it is:

We played using a 2 by 3 foot surface, as we where only using the Island o' Blood minis. I'm High Elves, my buddy Will is Skaven.


Sorry for the poor quality of the deployment pic, but I forgot to take pictures, so I improving with paint. We settled on playing the Blood and Glory mission, with a pre determined fortitude of 3.

The High elf mage has Lore of Beast, with the signature spell (Wyssan's Wildform), the Skaven Warlock( marked W)has Warp Lighting.

Turn One (Elves)
I move the Dawn Riders forward a full Nine Inches, and open fire on the Clanrat unit with the Hand weapons, 3 are killed. Callidus (the Mage) moves forward and into range of the Arcane ruins, gaining a bonus to channeling. Magic phase is uneventful, I got a total of 12 power dice, and attempted to cast Wildform on the Dawn Riders, but the Warlock Engineer Ratchitt dispelled it. No close combat this turn.

Turn 1 (Skaven) The rat ogres move 6 inches, between the table edge and Arcane Ruins, as Ratchitt skitters toward the ruins as well. Channeling bonuses for all. The Spear Rats attempt to charge, but only roll a measly 3 total, and move forward 2 inches. The second clanrat unit is more lucky, and charge into the Dawn Riders, who declare a stand and shoot reaction (this will lead to them being wiped out to a man) and kill 3 rats again. Having Always strike first, the Riders attack, but only kill 3 rats, while the rats slay 1 dawn rider, thanks to the rats musician, they gain a +1 to their combat resolution, which leads to a draw, the battle rages on. Ratchit casts warp lightning on the Prince's griffon, wounding it, and shoots it, wounding it again. ( I'm aware this is out of order, we resolved the charge combat first)

Turn 2 (Elves)

The Swordmasters move near the ruins, to attempt to engage the rat ogres later, Callidus casts Wildform on the Dawn Riders, and it succeeds. The Sea Guard open fire with their bows on Ratchitt, causing 1 wound. The Dawn Reavers strike at the Skaven, only slaying 3. The clanrats retaliate, slaying 2 Dawn Riders. The battle continues.

Turn 2 (Skaven)
Ratchitt opens fire with his pistol, wounding the Griffin once more. The Clanrats with spears slay the Dawn Riders, and surge forward. Aside form the utter destruction of the Dawn Riders, nothing else happens.

Turn 3 (Elves)
The Prince Charges the Spear Rats, who attempt to slay the griffin with their Flame Thrower, to no avail, and are Panicked, fleeing, which causes the Hand Weapons Rats to flee away to the table edge, The Prince gives choice and slams into the rear of the Spear Rats (hurr hurr hurr) Callidus miscasts on Wildform, boosting the Prince's Str and Toughness by one, but suffers magical feedback and is slain.

Turn 3 (Skaven)
The Hand Weapon Rats flee off table. Ratchitt attemps to cast Warp Lightning, rolls a miscast, and as his Warp Lightning bounces of the The Prince (5+ ward save), while he (Ratchitt) suffers a Dimensional Cascade, hurling himself into the Realm Of Chaos, as the nearby rat ogres take 1 wound, while Verminkin takes a wound. Warlord Verminkin had charged the Prince that Movement phase form the side, but lands only one hit on Him, while the Spear rats are torn to near shreds and flee (I realize that the Skaven should have lost, as a fleeing SB always dies, but this slipped my mind then.) They flee, almost leaving the table.

Turn 4 (Elves)
This is focused solely on the Prince and The Warlords epic battle. The Prince assaults Verminkin with a flurry of blows, but Verminkin blocks them all, while the Prince block all of Verminkins desperate blows. Verminkin is slain by the Prince's Griffin, who tears him apart with beak and talon.



  1. In case anyone doesn't know, in Blood and Glory, each Standard in an army is worth 1 point of Fortitude, and Generals add another 1, so after slaying 1 Standard Bearer and his General, the High Elves had reduced the Skaven to 1 fortitude, so they lose.


  3. What happened to the poison wind mortar?

  4. He never used it, and then it fled off table.

  5. Why would you NOT use the Poison Wind Mortar? Shoot a @#!*% projectile erry time you can.