Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mechapalooza tournament army list

Here is the full, final list for this Sunday's tourney.

Company Command Squad, 2 meltas 2 plasma guns, chimera with heavy bolter and hull flamer,Officer has power sword and bolt pistol; 167 points

Troops (spamspamspamspamspam)
1 Vet. Squad, carapace Armour, 3x Plasma Guns, Chimera with multi laser, h. flamer; 200 points

1 vet Squad, demolition charges and melta bombs, shotguns, 3x melta guns, chimera with multi-laser, h flamer and dozer blades; 195 points

1 Vet Squad, 3x Grenade Launchers, chimera with multi laser and h flamer; 140 points

1 Infantry Platoon, which includes
Command Squad(Junior Officer, 4x veterans with las guns)
Infantry Squad with grenade launcher, auto cannon team
Infantry Squad with grenade launcher and auto cannon team; 160 points in all

Heavy Support:
Leman Russ Main Battle Tank, with lascannon, 165 points
Leman Russ Demolisher Tank, with multi melta sponsoons, dozer blade, lascannon, 220 points

Which gives me a grand total of 1247 points, 3 under par, sweet!


  1. Come at me bro. You should post your list, in the spirit of sportsmanship.