Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dose O' Hobby, Wednesday, October 12th

I've finished one unit of Ogre bulls, as well as a Gorger and my Tyrant, see below:

And my Gorger. I used a Chaos Black base, with Dwarf Flesh, followed by Elf Flesh, a wash of Ogryn Flesh, and then Baal Red on the hands and mouth. The Face has a wash of Leviathan Purple. The hair is Dessert Yellow, washed with Leviathan Purple.
The cloth bands are Dessert Yellow, and the loin cloth is Scab Red.

Check out this poorly focused image of my Tyrant!

I used the Minotaur champion model from the Beastmen set, used some Green Stuff to sculpt rags on his legs, and add some armor and extend the wrists to fit the giant axe. My Ogres technically live in the Empire, and as such, I've added some Sigmarite and Ulirc fetishes, mainly the hammer pendant and the sculpted white fur and claws. He uses the same paint scheme as the basic Ogre Bulls, just more armor.

In other news, I'm trading my entire Skaven collection for Dorfs, so if anyone wants some IoB High Elves, comment on this, we will make a deal.