Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"The Siege", a Warhammer scenario for three players.

Right, in order to accommodate a three player game, and get to use some awesome terrain, I've developed this scenario:

Game Lasts 6 turns
There are three objectives. The Village, the Pass and The Castle. The Castle is in the Defender deployment and is worth 10 Points. It is under control if the controllers army has more units (point wise) in it than the other, or if they are the only army in The Castle.
The Village is worth 5 Points. Same method of capture as above.
The Pass: The pass is worth Zero points, but If it is under control, all Core choices of the Army that controls it can, after being destroyed, re enter play with the same equipment and numbers, minus any magic items. They are treated as entering play form Reserves.

Point Allocation:The three armies are divided into two groups, the Attackers, and the Defender. The Defender is allowed only 66% the point value of the Attackers, but all Defender units are Stubborn, and there is no limit to the repetition of units for Special and Rare selections.
The Attackers: The remaining two armies are clustered into the "Attackers". The point value of the "Attacker" army has to be divided evenly between the two Armies that make it up. For example, the Attackers Army is composed of two 1500 point Armies, commanded by two separate Generals.

Winning Conditions:
Over all: who ever has the most Territory points at the end of the Game wins, however there are other ways:
Defenders: The Defender's deployment area has to have at least one unit, not engaged in combat to gain victory, or the Attacker's army is at 33% of their point value, in which case the siege is broken. However, the Defending Army has to have more units (Point wise) alive than the Attackers to be able to have this victory condition applicable.

Attackers: follow this special rule:
STARVE THEM OUT!: If an opposing Army controls "The Village" than, for every turn after turn 3 that the Village and The Castle remain under separate hands, the Army controlling "The Castle" has to take a panic test. If passed, they lose the Smallest unit (point wise) to starvation. If failed, then the Army panics. A randomly selected unit Breaks towards the nearest table top, and the smallest unit bar the fleeing unit is starved to death. This continues till the Game ends or the Village switches hands.

The Attackers are also subject to this rule:
Alliance Broken!: If the Attackers shared point value drops to 33% of its total, the alliance is broken. The Attackers now count as two separate armies, and can attack each other, take objects held by each other, and do not benefit form any bonuses that would be shared by an Alliance i.e. buffs, re-rolls, and are treated for all intents and purposes as two separate enemy armies, to each other and the defenders.

The Defenders Deploy from their labeled "Deployment Zone", The Castle is located inside the Defender Deployment.
The Attackers deploy 12 inches from the long table edges, but cannot get within 6 inches of the Defender's deployment or the Pass.

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  1. Like It. Im thinking a Skaven/High Elve/Ogre Kingdom thing going on.