Friday, October 15, 2010

First Dorf painted, new Empire paint scheme

I have received a substantial boost to my Dorf army, and am messing around with color schemes. I want to tie all of my armies together, so I'm painting every army with warm colors, namely red and gold, with the Empire having a more purple and yellow scheme.

The red parts are all Scab Red with a Baal Red wash, the silver metal is folkart Silver Stirling, the remianing metal is Dwarf Bronze. The skin is Tallarn Flesh highlighted with Dwarf Flesh. The beard is Graveyard Earth, then Dessert Yellow, Devlan Mud and Baal Red. The entire model was washed in Devlan Mud. And here are the test models for my new empire scheme:

The purple sides where basecoated with Chaos Black, then drybrushed with several thinned layers of Warlock Purple, then washed with Baal Red. The Yellow was based in Skull White, then Sunburst Yellow. The armor and swords where based, again, in Silver Sterling, then, to add some zazz, I painted some armor segments with Dwarf Bronze.

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