Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dose O' Hobby 11/20/10

With Coastal Assault approaching at breakneck speed I am struggling to get my army fully painted and based. I have set myself to attempt to finish a unit per week, so we shall see how that goes. Here is the first complete unit, a thirty man Swordsman Regiment, "The 8th Mark Wardens", changed from the "8th Mountaineers" who will be my Halberdiers regiment. I am trying to give each unit some character, so the 8th gets to use one of my many unit filler bases, as well as the Unit Champion being made from the Empire General kit.

Also, here is what my list for that tournament is probably going to look like:
Arch Lector, AoMI, War Altar, Hammer of Judgment, Van Horstrum's Speculum: 305
Wizard Lord, Lvl4,Armor of Taurnus , Dispell Scroll: 270

Warrior Priest, Heavy Armor, Shield: 96
Warrior Priest, Heavy Armor, Greatweapon, 98
Captain, BSB, full plate, shield, 85
30 Swordsmen, Full Command, 205
Detachment: 15 Halberdiers, 75
Detachment, 6 Handgunners, 48

30 Halberdiers, Full Command, 170
Detachment: 15 Halberdiers, 75
Detachment, 6 Handgunners,48

30 Flaggalents, Prophet of Doom: 310

2x Cannons: 200
30 Greatswords, full command, 330

Helblaster, 110

My main concern is that all my lords and heroes are somewhat vulnerable, so I will probably be tweaking this list. I will be posting part-1 of my Empire troops analysis, and expect a battle report on Sunday, with an update on the Road to Korpslieb on Monday.


  1. looking good buddy, how much more do you have to go?

  2. Ten more of the swordsmen's halberdierd detachment
    Fifty-five Halberdiers
    Thirty Greatswords
    A couple of warmachines
    And my Wizard lord and BSB