Monday, November 22, 2010

Rules for fielding Sigmar.

As I am currently in Pennsylvania, I can't update with any modeling or painting goodness, but I have been thinking up some rules for fielding Sigmar. Keep in mind, this guy was basically, at least according to fluff, a demi-god, so here goes:

Sigmar, the first and greatest Emperor, 725 Points
WS:8 BS:7 S:5 T:5 W:5 I:6 A:5 LD:10
Equipment (cannot be changed):
Skull Splitter: Gifted to Sigmar by Kurgan Ironbeard, this master-piece of Dwarf weapon-craft ignores all armor and ward saves, any unsaved wounds become D3 wounds.
Mastercrafted Gromil Armor: Forged by master dwaven armorers, this suit of shinning plate confers a re-rollable +3 save that ignores attack strength for calculating armor saves.
Pendant of Sky-Iron: A rough-cut gem sits in the center of this pendant, gathered from the landing site of a comet, it glows with a magical power which confers a +3 ward save and magic resistance(1)

Special Rules:
God Amongst Men, Daemon amongst all others: Sigmar stands a head taller than the tallest man, and his visage inspires courage in all who behold him, and fear in his enemies. Sigmar and any unit he joins are Immune to Psychology, and are also Stubborn. Sigmar causes Fear in any non-human enemy. with the exception of Dwarfs.

Slay Goblinoids whereever they are found: Sigmar and any unit he joins Hate all greenskins, as well as causing Terror in Greenskins

Pride of a Nation: Sigmar cannot ignore a challange

Glory of the Emperor: Any Empire unit within 18 inches of Sigmar may use his leadership for all leadership tests.

So what do ya'll think?

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