Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Knight

I needed to add some Knights to my Empire army, so I ordered some Brettonian Knights instead. I love the models, but good Lord are they annoying to paint. This is partially my fault. I made the mistake of painting yellow without a light base coat. I painted the first Knight in the heraldic colors of my family ancestors in Spain, namely blue and yellow. Here is Cayetan D'Castile.

All this is based in wonderful plastic grey. Half way through I decided to base the rest of the yellow in a cream colored paint form "Americana" under the name Buttermilk. The blue is just multiple layers of Ultramarine Blue. The finished yellow is Sunburst Yellow. The horse's fur and skin is Astronomicon Grey, all the brown parts are Calthan Brown. The silver of the armor is FolkArt Silver Sterling. The bronze part are Dwarf Bronze.

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