Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New stuff abounds!

I've finished the main quest of Fable 3, and come bearing gifts of pictures! I've received the new Citadel Painting Station and the Citadel Cutting Mat, which has cleaned up my desk to no end. Here's a picture:

I've managed to fit most of my paints and brushes on it. Anyway, I've managed to finish up a Warrior Priest and five more State Troops. The Warrior Priest looks good enough form far away, but I really should have thinned my paints:

The Skin is Tallarn Flesh, then a mix of 1:1 Dwarf Flesh and Talarn Flesh. The stubble I made by mixing Astronomicon Grey with water, till it had an almost milky consistency, and then applied it in layers. The metal is the same metalic paint I always use, brushed with Leviathan Purple. The Robe/Cape is made of multiple layers of Scab Red (my favorite color). The Hammer's head is a mix of Dwarf Bronze and Walmart Metal, then washed with watered down Hawk Turquoise. The cover of the book is Graveyard Earth, and metal details are Dwarf Bronze. The pelt on his back is Astronomicon Grey highlighted with white.

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