Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Six Knights done, new recipe for blood, magic part 2

I've been busy busy busy working on many projects. Updates are:

=> I've finished 6 Brettonian Knights
=> the FW Game Club's WFRP party is finalized
=> Battlefoam
=> It looks like I won't be able to paint all of my 1000 point of Bretts for my trip back home, sorry guys.

Right, picture time, first off, here is half of my unit of 12 Knights of the Realm:

I used, for the base colors of the various heraldries, Krylon Plastic Paints, satin finish, to speed up the process, because I despise painting yellows. The blue areas are based in black, the greens, reds, etc, are based in white. The red is achieved through Scab Red followed by Mechrite Red,the yellow is either the Krylon brand or layers of Sunburst Yellow, the Blue is ULTRAMAHREENS BLU and any green is Krylon brand green plastic spray paint. Any bronze is Dwarf Bronze, any silver is the Sterling Silver (again, from FolkArt). The blood is a slightly altered recipe, replacing Blood Red with Mechrite Red, which I actually don't like, as it looks to dull for my tastes. I'm going to work on some basing and highlights tomorrow for them, for your viewing pleasure. Oh, and here is some modeling work I've done to make a mounted Warrior Priest:

The horse is part of the Empire Generals kit, and the torso, arms, hammer and head are made from the old metal Knights the White Wolf metal kit.

I've recently come into some battlefoam and a battlefoam bag. It is great, but I am pressed for time, so I'll fill ya'll in at a later date.

The Game Club's WFRP party is comprised of:
a human Zealot
a human Rat Catcher
a human Trademan, who can't speak the same language as the rest of the party
a dwarf Tomb Robber
A elf Kithband Warrior
Interesting group overall, no spellcaster though, but that is all right. I have found a great set of critical hits charts here. And that about covers all I've been up to recently.

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