Monday, November 15, 2010

The Road to Korbsliebe, part 1

so there they where, fleeing from an enraged Ogre, on a dirt road in the dark and dreary Reikwald Forrest. Actually wait a minute, let me explain myself. Ahem.

This will be the first part of several updates for the FW Game Club's first WFRP (2nd Edition) campaign. Now then, lets list out the party:
Ozark Speedman, Dwarfen tomb robber and employer of...
That elf guy I can't remember the name of, Kithband Warrior, archer and loyal body guard to Ozark.
Rankar Crux, human zealot and combat expert
Delila, Brettonian tradeswoman
and, uh, a human rat catcher who failed to show.

The adventure begins with the four of the sitting round a table in a dingy dirty tavern, a hooded man siitting along with them, pointing at a map "My masters wish for you to deal with a corrupted priest of Morr who has been selling corpses to a Necromancer. You will find him in Korbsliebe, a three days journey from here, through the Riekwald, it is dangerous, so I suggest you find a caravan to travel with." He also mutters a few words in Breton to Delila,"Make sure they find this priest." With that, he slams a dagger into the table, marking the location of Korbsliebe on the map in the center. Rankar, using his inspiring oratory, attempts to rouse the bar patrons from their drunken stupors, but fails. Elf guy asks the barkeep, who directs them to the small town's "mast" which has any news anyone would need to know regarding The Town on it. The party ventures into the streets, and finds a man tied to a stake, with messages written on him in ink, the town mast. A particularly large area of his person is dedicated to telling persons of interest of a convoy of merchants has made camp in The Town, and will be hiring guards for their journey to Altdorf. Examining the map, Ozard points out that the road to Altdorf stops by Korbsliebe, so he and Elf Guy go to speak to the convoy's Coachman, as Rankar follows Delila as she wanders off in search of another way to find safe passage. The enter another bar, in which is a road warden, who is traveling to a coaching inn this very night, to make sure it is still in good condition.

Meanwhile, back at the convoy's camp, the Coachman attacks Elf Guy with a club, striking the elf on the arm in a dis-interested fashion, then attempting to strike Ozard, who blocks the blow. The Coachman is impressed by Ozard's skill, and hires both he and the elf as guards. At this time, Delila and Rankar have managed to find the convoy's camp, and inform Ozard and Elf Guy that the roadwarden would allow them to travel with him for a time, and points out that "If he dies, he has a gun, which you can take." Deciding the roadwarden is a better bet than the convoy, the party waits by The Town's gates, until the roadwarden is seen riding his sickly looking steed, and they enter the Forrest along a dirt road.

After a few hours travel, it is becoming dark, and both Ozard and Elf Guy's keen night vision allow them to see shapes following them in the woods, however, the warden insists that they mean nothing, that is, until a full grown Ogre bull and a small pack of Gnoblar greenskins burst through the foliage and attack. With his massive club, the Ogre crushes the Roadwarden and his mount into a pulpy mass of meat, blood, bone and broken armor, as the Gnoblar's cry their squeaky battle chants, and attack. Rankar uses his religious fury to attack the Ogre singlehandedly, slaying it in one turn off combat with his flail, or so he thinks, as the creature has just been knocked out. The Gnoblars encircle Ozard and Elf Guy who takes the brunt of the hits. He attempts to strike with his quarter-stave, and injures a club wielding Gnoblar, but his martial skill is not enough to prevent him from being knocked on the head by a flail wielding greenskin, which leads to his head splitting open, and he promptly passes out. Ozard fights back, defending himself and even wounding the three green beast while blocking their blows with his shield. Delila examines the ogre's "corpse", finding, among other things, very large pants, a very large club, a very large iron glove, and a partially eaten rooster, an apparent snack. Rankar charges into a Gnoblar and attacks, as Elf Guy, passing a Toughness test, rises and runs a few yards back, and readies his bow. The Ogre rises, which garners Rankar's attention, and he rushes screaming at the now very angry brute. Ozard slays a Gnoblar with his Sword-breaker as Delila cuts off another leg in a fluid sweep of her dagger, it dies from blood loss seconds later. Elf Guy rains arrows on the remaining Gnoblar, killing it, and the Ogre, which absorbs the arrows with his large gut. Ozard flees to Elf Guy's side, leaving Delila and Rankar to fight the towering Ogre. Rankar wisely flees, and so does Delila.

Which brings us to where we are now. The party is presently running through the Riekwald, at night, in the hopes of escaping from the very hungry, very angry Ogre. At least no one died or was crippled, and only one party member counts as "Heavily Wounded", so as a whole, they preformed better than expected.

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