Thursday, December 9, 2010

Empire army fully half done.

The army is coming along nicely, and after some quick changes to the list, adding a few mortars, a cannon, a tank, and I have an army I can manage to paint in time. I have, fully painted and based, 30 Swordsmen, 15 Halberdiers, 30 Flaggelants, my war Altar, the Steam Tank "Sigismund", and two artillery pieces, as well as both Warrior Priests and the Arch Lector. This leaves me with the task of painting: 3 Artillery Pieces, 45 Halberdiers, a wizard and my battle standard bearer. Here is an overview of the amry, cut into several pictures, as, even though it is only at 2500 Points, the model count is absurd.I couldn't get a super clear shot as my camera is still on the fritz, but on the plus side, I got a sandwich. Tasty too.

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