Monday, December 6, 2010

The Road to Korbsliebe, part 2, plus War Altar complete

The party runs through the forest, into a thick patch of brush and bramble, and they see a clearing in the distance. The ogre bellows in fury as it chases them, smashing aside the brush, trees and small animals in his way. Rankar, in a fit of berserker rage, smashes a tree aside and burst into the clearing, as Ozark, showing impressive acrobatic skill for a dwarf, leaps over the smashed remains of the tress and follows after Rankar. However, both Delila and Illiaster(sic) fail their AG checks and fall, but they manage to run into the clearing as the Ogre nears them. Looking behind them, the see the Ogre dash into the open only to be overtaken and dragged away, screaming, into the darkness of the forest by giant spiders.

Taking a look around, they realize they stand in a clearing, which is marked by a ruined Sigmarite Chapel at a crossroads in the center, with the roads winding into the darkness of the woods. Apraoching it, Illiaster and Ozark engage in a lively debate as to whether the Chapel is haunted. Unable to contain his anger any longer, Rankar attempts to smash the door, but fails, his flail bouncing off the wood. Delila, following Rankar's example, trys to pry the door open, only to also fail. Being the only rational person in the party, Illiaster (btw, this is the Elf guy) knocks, and a gruff voice replys, asking whether or not they are friendly. After a quick chat, the door is open, and everyone immediately ready their weapons in case of attack. Delila slowly pushed the door open, revealing a merchant, a old woman, a child and a huge, bear-like logger sitting around a fire, a corpse several feet away.

The logger calls himself Hans Buemer (this is a temp. character for a new player) and tells the party that he and his acquaintances have been trapped in the chapel for days under Goblin attack, the priest of the Shrine, Father Traugott, was killed defending it. After negotiating, the party agrees to escort Hans and the other people through the forest, in exchange for Hans finding a path back to town. the merchant promises gold in exchange for safe passage.

Walking through the wood, Hans guides the party to a clearing by a creak, and the party makes camp. Delila uses her knowledge of herbalism to create a potion for Illiaster, who drinks it, however, the innate magic of the ingredients cause a minor chaos manifestation, and a chill wind blows into a nearby cave, awakening whatever lay within. They set up camp near a large rock and arrange a night watch, which consists of Illiaster and Rankar. In the night, Goblins burst from the cave, and catch the elf and man unawares, however, the dumb beasts are no match for them, and they easily block the Goblins' attacks. Illiaster attempts to climb upon the stone for a better few of the combat, but trips, and spending a Fate point, avoids bashing his head on the rocks. Ozark leaps across the creak in a running jump as Delila attempts to charge over the large stone, however she fails her AG to climb, and spends a Fate point to avoid snapping her ankle. Hans charges from across the creak, but is caught by the current and is trapped beneath the water.In the second round of the combat, Rankar crushes a goblin's skull with his flail and knocks another out, while Ozark chops down a tree with a swing of his blade, in an attempt to block off any goblin escape route, however, the tree falls away from the fighting, and crashed into the side of the cave entrance instead.Illiaster breaks away from combat to ready his bow, and unleashes a fusillade of arrows, all which miss their targets, but one manages to strike Delila threw the chest, causing her to become unconscious, and have a 2/10 chance of instant death (per round) until medical attention is given. Hans breaks free from the current and the Goblin mob tramples one of their own underfoot, as the battle continues....

This session had a lot of really cool things that went horribly wrong due to poor dice rolls, but what can you do? I may have another update by next week, maybe.

In other news, my War Altar is up and ready for the Tabletop, and I plan to revisit it after Coastal for several touch ups and highlitghts. Here is how it came out:

Sorry if they are a bit blurry or out of focus, something is up with my camera, and I have yet to figure out what is wrong.

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