Saturday, January 22, 2011

Assault on Cathagon Majoris, Dark Eldar vs. Imperial Guard

9 Wyches, Hekatrix, phantasm grenade launcher, one wych has a hydra gauntlet
Raider, nightfields
9 Wyches, Hekatrix, phantasm grenade launcher, one wych has a hydra gauntlet
Raider, nightfields
480 Points
Company Commmand Squad,Commander with Bolt Pistol and Power Sword, naked vets, Chimera (multilaser)
Veteran Squad, Grendiers, 3x Plasma Guns
Veteran Squad, Grenadiers, 3x Grenade launchers
Veteran Squad, Grenadiers, 2x Meltaguns
497 points
Scenario: Annihilation

Deployment:Played on a 4by4 table, standard Dawn of War Deplyoment,DE deplyosvfirst, IG get first turn
>Dark Eldar: Predictably, i put the wych squads (from now on Squads A and B) in raiders, each is joined by a Homunculus for the Pain Token. I placed my raiders behind cover, to protect them from Plasma and Multilas fire.

>Imperial Guard
Taking advantage of the substantial cover provided by the large fortress piece on his side of the table, DJ (new guard dude, used to play Fantasy O&G) places Plasma and Grenad Lunacher squads on the battlements of the fortress, the Company Command Squad (inside the command Chimera) goes outside of the wall, supported by the Melta Guard squad. NOTE: We didn't bother to check the requirements for Orders, so the commander was giving orders while embarked in a vehicle, which is illegal. Mistake on my part, I should have remembered.

Turn One:
Thanks to my Eldar trickery, all my raiders are in cover or too far to be shoot. As such, DJ rolls his chimera forward to get a better view of the open space of the battlefield, and that is it.
Move both raiders forward. Squad A's raider plants itself behind a tower, keeping it safe from most fire, and the Wyches dis-embark (This proves to be a bad idea, I misjudged the distance from the Tower to the Chimera, more on it in a second.)Squad B's raider parks itself atop a wall, and those wyches take cover behind the wall, keeping them safe from fire (but that leaves my raider open to fire, bad move on my part.) Going into the shooting phase, I run Squad A behind the cover of the tower, and Raider B shoots the Command Chimera, but fails to penetrate it's armor.

Turn 2:
The Chimera opens fire with its Multilaser, and wrecks Raider B, while the Grenade Launcher squad launches frag rounds into the clumped together Squad B. Luckily, all shoots miss. However, Melta Squad's las-fire isn't as in-accurate,and three wyches of Squad B are killed.
Wych squad B moves into assault range of the Demo Squad, but takes aim with their pistols at the Grenade Launcher squad, killing a single guardsmen. Squad A re-embarks Raider A, as it fires a dark lance into the rear of the Chimera, stunning the crew. Squad B assault the Demo Guard, however, they only innflict one wound, and recieve one in turn.

Turn 3:
With the Demo squad in combat, the Chimera stunnded, and my raider safely hidden, all the guard can do is to continue the combat with Squad B, which they lose, but hold fast.
DE:Raider A cruises forward, dropping Squad A, who run up the ramparts and assault the Plasma veterans, killing 3. Squad B slaughters the melta veterans, and consolidate into cover.

Turn 4:
The Command Chimera opens fire on my exposed raider, but its paper thin armor holds fast. However, the commanding officer's fire holds true, and the raider explodes, killing two of the command squad veterans. The Plasma veterans lose one man to the wych assault.
DE: Wych squad A kills two more plasma vets, losing one Wych themselves. Squad B rushes under cover.

Turn 5:
The Chimera moves forward and unleashes a fusillade of fire into wych Squad B, killing 3 wyches. The Grenade vets hop from their position on the walls, and open fire on wych Squad B, killing all but one and the Homunculus. The Plasma vets are killed to a man.

DE: Both wych squads launch an assault on the Grenade vets, but only manage to kill two, but take no casualties.

Turn 6:
The Plasma Vets continue the Combat, but the wyches go first, inflicting 18 wounds.
NOTE: We called it here (a tie), as I had to get home, and there wasn't much left to do. Using kill points, I got a win, having killed 3 units, while DJ killed two, so a minor victory to me.

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