Monday, January 24, 2011

Dark Eldar Venom conversion

To round out my army to a balanced 500 points, I built myself a Venom transport for my Archon and a handful of Kabalite True born, using the chassis of an Eldar Vyper, sails from the Raider kit, and bits from the Reaver Jetbikes kit.

The riders will represent the standard twin linked splinter rifle, and it has an under slung splinter cannon if I choose to take it as an upgrade. . Plenty of room in the back to place or remove a mini to represent if a unit is mounted in it or not.


  1. It's not a twin liked cannon, its a second cannon aka 12 posioned shots ;)

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  3. Yeah, mess up on my part, fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out. Now I need to find another place to stow the optional second cannon.