Monday, January 10, 2011

The Road to Korbsliebe, part 3

The Goblins encircle Rankar, as Illiaster notches an arrow. Letting it fly, he misses his shot, and quickly lets loose another arrow, which hits a goblin through the chest, knocking it to the ground. Growing even more infuriated throughout the encounter, Rankar smash another greenskin in a earth shattering blow, pulverizing its arm beneath the spiked iron ball of his flail. Delila manages to hang on to life for another round, as both Ozard and Hans charge the nearest greenskins to them, Ozard cutting into a goblin's kneecap with his sword as Hans crushes a knocked-out gobbo with a mighty chop of his great axe.With all the goblins knocked out cold, Illiaster and Hans go to the work of finishing off the greenskins that are still breathing.

Rankar lifts Delila's unconscious body over his shoulder as Hans checks his compass and points the party down a path in the woods, which leads to the nearest town, 50 miles away. On the path, Delila almost dies, but spends a fortune point, and lives. They reach a crossroads where they encounter a caravan of merchants. "Halt, who goes there?" Yells a pox stricken guard, waving a torch in their direction. Rankar, using his public speaking skill, manages to convince the caravaner to allow the part to ride with them to Altdorf, in the back of the cart with the pigs. "Except for the elf" spits the guard "He can walk."

Two hours into the night, the caravan comes under assault by a band of highwaymen. "Load a cart with your finest goods" yells the bandit's fierce looking leader "Leave it with us, and you may be on your way, or else come under fire from our guns."
While the caravaners debate over what to do, Illiaster attempts to sneak behind a bandit, only to be caught and held prisoner. After waking Ozard, Rankar focuses on the bandit leader, and notices the 8-pointed Star of Chaos branded into his bare chest. Before his battle-rage can come to a froth, Illiaster attempts to attack his capturer with his quarter staff, only to be blocked and struck in the face with a cudgel, dazing him and leaving a nasty black eye.

"ATTACK" yells the bandit chief, and a volley of fire comes form a cluster of bandits with handguns. A lead ball manages to find its way to Ozard's chest, but his natural dwarfish toughness absorbs most of the force of the poor quality bullet. Several knife wielding bandits engage Illaiaster and Hans, as a caravan guard bursts from behind a cart, and with a cry of "have at you!" joins the fray. The Champion calls out to Rankar in a learing voice, and Rankar, driven into his battle-rage by the sight of Chaos taint, accepts the challenge, charging into combat without a though of self preservation.

He swings his flail in a mighty arch, but it the bandit leader's armor absorbs the blow. Up close, the warrior is a hulking brute of a man, towering over Rankar, a blood frenzied look in his eyes.

The chaos dwarf and DE stuff is on hold till tomorrow, as I am still working on some of it.

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