Saturday, February 26, 2011

1850 Dark Eldar vs. Tyranids, Assault on Outer Demeter

First game of the campaign for Viridis Sileo, using the Planetstrike rule set, specifically the Planetfall Scenario.

The lists:
DE 1850, The Prince of Pain's Court

HQ: Zhai Mor, the Prince of Pain (counts as Duke Sliscus) 150

Haemunculus Agaith Dannam, webway portal, 85
Haemunculus Sheeshran Shalreen, scissorhand, liquefier gun 75

10x Hekatrix Bloodbrides (the Brides of Khaine) 3 hydra gauntlets, Syren, agonizer, 190
4x Kabalite Trueborn (the Prince's Posse), 2x Shardcarbines, 2x Splintercannons 78
Venom, additional Splintercannon, night shield, 75
6x Incubi of the Shrine of the Jaged Fang, Klaivex, Onslaught 162
4x Grotesques, liquifier gun, Aberration with Scissorhand 175
Raider, night shield, 70
6x Harlequins, all with Kisses, shadow seer 158

10x Kabalite Warriors, splintercannon, Designate "Searing Arrow" 100
Raider, Splinter racks, nightshield 80
10x Kabalite Warriors, splinter cannon, Designate "Hornet's Sting" 100
Raider, Splinter racks, nightshield, 80
9x Wracks, liquifier gun 100
Raider, night shield 80

Tyranids 1850

The Horror of Demeter (Hive Tyrant, 2x TL Devourer with Brainleech worms, winges, Hive Commander
9x Ymgarl Genestealers
9x Ymgarl Genestealers
20 Termagants with Devourers
20 Termagants with Devourers
Fast Attack:
4x Shrikes
Heavy Support:
3x Trygon

Both armies are held completely in reserve, with the exception of the two termagant units, hiding in their captured bastions, while Haemunuculus Dannam, with the 4 grotesque unit in the raider, deployed in my table edge.

Pre-turn 1 firestorm failed to harm anything other than successfully immobilizing the bastions, as well as stopping them from shooting for a turn. Attacker gets turn one, and with reserves coming in on turn 1, with a reserve roll of a 3+. Thanks to that, my entire army comes in turn one, which actually worked against me, as my Webway Portal was rendered useless and several fragile units had to hoof it across the board.
Heres the board after my turn one, after Haemunuclus Dannam disembarked and dropped the portal, and everyone moved/ran. with the harlequins hiding from the red bunker's firing points.

Turn 1: Nids.
The entire tyranid army comes in, deep striking near almost all my units, with two trygons bursting from the ground just inches from my line of raiders, while another trygon appears in front of the Prince's ride. Two hidden broods of Ymgarl genestealers appear from their hiding places and run towards my Grotesques.

A burst of Devourer fire from a the bug-bastion mounted Termagants wipe out the Harlequins before they can do much of anything, while bursts of electricity from the clustered trygons blows up the Searing Arrow's raider, and kills four of them.

Turn 2: DE
The Prince's ride drives forward, and with the combined fire of all the Prince's posse and his custom venom, the trygon lumbering in front of him is reduced to a single wound, while combined fire from the Hornet's Sting and the Searing Arrow inflicts several wounds on trygon rumber1.
Turn 2:Nids
Trygon number one launches another bio-electric pulse, blowing the Hornet's Sting's raider to smithereens, killing 4 of the Dark Kin in the explosion. The Hive Tryant opens fire on the Incubi hiding behind a hill, killing all but one.

The a Ymgarl genestealer brood assaults Dannam's Grotesques, but they fail to get the first strike, and the Grotesques kill 4 of them, while the 'stealers inflict 2 wound on the unit, which are absorbed the the hulking physiques of the Grotesques. Across the board, trygon number 3 slice's the Prince's ride in two, leaving a smoking crater and five very angry dark eldar.

Turn 3 (lots of stuff happened this turn, so Its all being written like it happened at once)

The Prince's posse open fire on Trygon 3 wounding it, as the Prince hurls himself into combat with the towering creature, stabbing it in its armored chest, the potent venom on his blades eating through flesh and chitin, killing the Trygon. Combined fire from the Searing Arrow and the Hornet's sting kills Trygon One. The Bloodbrides assault Trygon Two, killing it in a flurry of stabbing blades and poisoned whips, in it;s death throws it pulverizes three Bloodbrides, the remaining ones attempt to move into cover.
The Shrikes fly on top of a hill, and open fire on Haemunculus Shalreen and his wrack's, killing several. The Hive Tryant moves into combat with Dannam's Grotesques, who lose all but one of their number.

Turn 4:
The Prince runs forward, confident in his shadwofield's power to protect him. The remnants of the Searing Arrow and the Hornet's sting wipe out the second brood of Ymgarls, before the Hornet's sting is shot to death by Termagant fire. The Prince and his squad come under fire from over 60 devourer shots, and the Prince is lost in a hail of fire.The Hive Tyrant kills the last Grotesque, and Haemunculus Shalreen flees the battle, while Haemunculus Dannam is torn to shreds, along with his Wracks, by the Shrikes.

Due to time constraints, we called it here, with the Dark Eldar's raid on the burning city thwarted by it's new, hungry defenders. Its a bad planet, it's a bug planet.

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  1. wow excellent battle report well detailed and graphic, just how i like them

    gorgeous paint jobs on the tyranids, especially the trygon in picture number 4.

    i thought the shrikes were far too small of a squad, but they did okay in the end

    disappointed by the ymgarls, id thought theyd do more

    i was also quite surprised when everything for the nids came in on turn 2, dumb luck i suppose.

    devilgaunts can be nasty for sure. i have 20 in my horde list but i should consider fielding more gaunts or buying more online in the future.

    ill say it again, excellent battle report. i loved it alot thanks