Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ork Warboss Karkrusha, Ork Speed Kult Painting Recipe

My 7 year old brother wants to start playing Orks (he likes all the guns), so I'm currently painting an assemblying a small starting force for him. Here is the HQ choice for his Speed Kult army, Warboss Karkrusha.

The whole model was primed black. The skin is a base of some store brand acrylic I had a while back, this is one of my older models and I'm basically upgrading his paint job, followed by Snot Green, then Goblin Green to highlight to the higher points on the model, muscles, etc. The Shirt is currently only snake bite leather, though I plan to add in some shading later. The red armor plates are Blood Red and Mechrite Red. Pants I haven't touched, they are an unknown paint. The gun and power klaw where painting with Chainmail and Dwarf Bronze. The eyes are blood red, with a fine Hawk Turquoise (I have to have this color SOMEWHERE on every model I do) glaze on the eyelids. The wires are Dwarf Bronze, while the wire covering is Hawk Turquoise lightly dry brushed with the same Dwarf Bronze. The armor plates where edged with Chainmail to give them the worn, broken down Ork look. His banner and loincloth still need work, and touch ups all around, but he is turning out all right. And yes, that is a horde of wyches in the back ground.

I want to take some time to gush over how awesome this model is. Big and bulky, he really shows off how an Ork should look. The power klaw is brutal looking, while the crude wires and augmetics, along with the patch job armor and shoota do a great job of showing how a "propa Ork" should look. On top of this, the combination of long flat pieces (in the form of the loin cloth, banner, and armor, have the potential for some great freehand while the detail of the face and weapons provide an great opportunity to practice highlighting, weathering, etc.

Speaking of Dark Eldar, here is a tally of what I have painted, followed by what I own.
10 Kabalite Warriors, One raider.
3 Ravagers
5 Raiders
1 Venom
1 Void Raven
24 Kabalite Warriors
17 Wyches
12 Jet Bikes
6 "Incubi"
6 Harlequins
2 Haemunculi
10 Wracks
4 Grotesques
So 11/91 models done.

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