Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dark Eldar void raven/Void Dragon Phoenix conversion: Stage 1 (Planning)

I have decided to begin work on a void raven conversion, using the falcon chassis as a starting point.
The basic idea is to work out a design that will mimic the look of the Void Dragon Phoenix, a ship used by Eldar Corsairs. This will let me use it as either a Void Raven (until the plastic kit comes out) or a Forge World Void Dragon Phoenix in Apoc. games, without having to spend $120 on the damn thing.

So, we are trying to make this:

Into this:

Basic Plan:
Saw off the fins from the chassis,sand till smooth, and then, through green stuff and super glue, form wings from the fins on the side of the chassis.
See the diagram:

Cutting along the white line, the areas labeled "1" will be removed to be used as wings, while the areas labeled "2" will be the general area where the wings will attached to the chassis. From there, well, I've always been good at coming up with things on the spot. Work should begin tomorrow, if FedEx is a timely as they usually are.

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