Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mini-campaign, the Battle for Viridis Sileo

Going to be starting a mini-campaign (of about 4-5 games) with Mike Monigan from Disposable Income (see link on the side bar), taking place on the agri-world of Viridis Sileo. Basic plan:

Opening Game: Planet Strike

Games 2-4: Using Astrnomi-con scenarios (found here)
Game 5: ????

Anyway, I have taken it upon myself to write up a bit of fluff for our campaign.

The Fall of Viridis Sileo, Part One

CASE FILE: 114:87G:YY6:Seg
Ordo Xenos Tempestus
Authority Code: *********************

Account of the Tyranid xenos breed siege of [GE class agri-world Viridis Sileo, Tempestus Segmentum]as told by Confessor Varro Oridiaus (of the Church of the Emperor Beneficent, in Demeter, planetary capitol [estimated population of 6.9 million]


It was a warm day, it was always a warm day in Demeter. I rose early, before the sun, to ready the chapel for the morning sermon. Let it be known that the men and women of Demeter where a pious people, I regularly had a congregation of 50 or so in my small chapel, and many of my brothers in the Ecclesiarchey told me of the large numbers of the faithful that would great each dawn with a prayer to the Emperor on their lips, and His light in their hearts.

Opening the slates covering the only window in my modest cell, I was greeted by a storm wracked sky. The sky lacked the yellow tint it would acquire before a storm, and i felt that there was something altogether wrong with what I was seeing.

Then it began. The very air of our home was screaming. The awful noise, by the Throne you cannot imagine the noise.

Or the screams. The screams of the dying, of women, of children, of men, torn asunder by the foul daemons, for what else could these creatures be? Had we displeased the Emperor, had we not shown the proper piety? I do not know. What I do know is that our brave soldiers, the fiercest, toughest men our home could offer, where unable to stop the creatures from destroying our homes, our farms, our lives.

I was with a group of seventy or so of women, children, and men too old or sick to fight, in my chapel, which now served as a makeshift fortress. 20 Judges of the Arbites had barricaded the doors and windows, and had stationed patrols around the area. Here we waited, waited for help. But none arrived, only more of the beasts.

I had my first true look at one the daemons when they burst through the wood and steal barricade blocking the door to the chapel proper. It was a vile thing, pale, sickly skin, with a chitinous shell of a warped, unnatural purple. What it lacked for hands or paws it made up for in a pair of scything talons, large, vicious looking blades bursting from the ends of it's thin arms.

With a screech, it tore into the Arbites blocking the door, its claws cutting through armor and bone and flesh. But there wasn't just one, by the throne there where more than I could count. the numbers, you cannot imagine the numbers.

I hid, I hid beneath a pile of corpses, the corpses of the men, women, and children I was to cowardly to protect. Emperor save me, I hid, thinking the worst was over.

Then the swarms came.

+++++++Continue y/n++++++++
Extract file #114:87G:YY7:Seg

And thats the first bit I've got, more as the story develops. Play me off, keyboard cat.

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