Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dark Eldar Wracks, Blood Angels Librarian and High Examplar Kreoss

The line up today:
Wracks, made from random Dark Eldar kits (mainly wyches/Kabalites), wads of green stuff, and Empire Flaggelants.

I have several more of these guys, but most are primed black, and I wanted to show the conversion work involved. What I did was filed the neck down on the collars on the Flaggie torso, then cut of the round neck-stub from the DE heads and then glued them on. Now, they each have varius oddities on them, as I wanted to convey that the Haemunculus making them was just bored, and was messing around on his servants for kicks.

Codicer Varro, A Space Marine Librarian I had lying around.

I wanted to show that this guy has been in the thick of the fighting for a while, so I drilled several holes in his armor, "bullet holes", cut up his face, using a mix of scab and blood red, with some Dwarf Flesh, as well as dirtying up the model with Devlan Mud and Badab Black.

The Force weapon was an exercise in lighting, and I think its glowy look turned out well.

High Examplar Kreoss, first painted Warmachine fig, and exercise in the frustration of painting white.

This guy really exemplified the biggest issue I have with PP models, and that is that the details on them tend to be very shallow, and even a slightly thick basecoat will make you lose a lot of them. However, this was a blast to paint. The flowing robes give lots of opportunity for shading practice, and there are plenty of pieces of armor to practice metals on. The fire I sculpted from some Green Stuff.

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