Thursday, February 10, 2011

Unboxing: Blood Angels Battalion, possible new Grey Knights model.

The new blood angels battalion came in th email yesterday, and I though I'd show you guys whats inside, in case anyone is interested in buying one.

First, sprues to build ten tactical marines, with all the standard its for special weapons:

Then we get sprues to build five Assault Marines (enough parts to build more, but there are only 5 "standard" jump packs)

And then we get the death company spruce:

Crap, I meant sprues, sorry.

The Death Company sprues come with a ton of bits, and can be used to pretty up your bland tactical or assault marines. I've managed to give each of my assault marines custom shoulder pads from the bits, and still have some left over.

Lastly, we get parts for a basic rhino, with bits for the storm bolter gunner and other do dads. Along with this we get a command frame sprue for the normal marines, which holds a banner, plasma gun, melta gun and a rocket launcher.

On a side note, here is a picture of what MAY be a Grey Knights dreadnought or a new Monstrousness Creature (thanks to the guys at Heresy Online) for them called a "Nemesis Dreadnought". Take this with a barrel of salt.

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