Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Void Raven Conversion, part 2

The falcon arrived in the mail today, and I took a hack saw to it as soon as the chassis was built. Here is what I have got, so far, primed, and waiting to be painted:

Sawing off the wings off the Falcon according to the diagram from two posts ago, I arranged them as I had originally planned, then used left over aether sails to cover the huge slashes that are where the fins used to meet the chassis, as well as to add some dark eldar spiky-ness to it. Along with those, Extra rudders from the Raider and Jet Bike kits where used to get some ore blades on there, and two left over desintergrators form the void lances.

Whats left to do:
Cover up the hole on the roof, maybe with a plasticard tray, painted with the Kabal's insignia.
Missile racks. I'm trying to create a rack of missiles (to represent the various optional ones available to the bomber, but am struggling to find a way to keep the dark eldar sleek, bladed look while having the damn things LOOK like missiles.

Well, thats about it for today, possible pictures of a new terrain piece I have been working on tomorrow

1 comment:

  1. My suggestion : add something to the front of the cockpit, make it aerodynamic, pointed. Dare I say SPIKEY, even. I think that would add a lot.

    Looking great so far, though.