Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aboard Damnation's Laughter, capitol ship of the Prince of Pain

More campaign stuff. This little bit takes place in the webway, a day after the Howling Gale's failed assault on Demeter City.

Zhai Mor sat, brooding, on his throne aboard his capitial ship, Damnation's Laughter. A human supplicant served as a footstool, supporting the Prince of Pain's bladed boots on his back.

I look out over my domain, the bridge of my ship, at the worthless dregs that pass for a crew, maning thier work stations, toiling away. I sense them trying to plot against me. This failed invasion was now doubt Shalreen's doing, yes. He bribed my bodyguard, and obviusly tampered with my prized venom. I call out "Mandovil, fetch lord Shalreen, and call my court to order." The sniveling fool runs off, to deliver my message, on foot. It is not fitting for one of my station to speak with the scum beneath me, but one must make sacrifices. I had to sell a ship full of my least favorite slaves to the damned Haemunculi covens to acquire the service of Shalreen and his flesh beasts, I wish to see my investment returned.

Lord Haemunculus Shalreen Slithered unto the Damnation's bridge, bowing deeply. "Your grace" he whispered from thin, parched lips. "Shalreen, tidings to you" spoke Mor, with a grand wave of his arm "What wonderful luck that you survived our...forray, into the planet below, your compatriot was not so lucky." "It was not luck lord, he was a fool, and weak." "Indeed, like these people, for insatnce" Spat Mor, pointing to a cage, shrouded in darkness. With a gesture, the darkness dissaperared, and within the figures of the Prince of Pain's personal guard where seen, sripped of thier clothing, tied together with crude ropse of human skin. "Like these men, for instance, who failed to rpotect from the insectiod swarm, turning tail and fleeing while I had to fight my way to a human vessel,forced to ride back to this very ship in what those apes call a ship? Or perhaps, they where bribed, paid to flee> Hrm? Perhaps someone, who is no longer here, decided to take a chance and remove me? Tell me, Lord haemunculus, who would have the most to gain from that?"

I see the worm pause, thinking of an excuse, another lie, but no, I will not hear his words. "Come here, Lord Haemunculus, inspect the traitors." I say, pointing to the cage. I watch him slither over, with caution, examining it. Little does he know that when he closes on it...HE DID IT. "AHAHAHAHAHAH, Shalreen, you are trikced far to easily" I burst into laughter, pressing an activation rune on my throne, which throws up a force field, covering the Haemunculus and the cage. "Now then, tell me, did your coven seek to betray me? My fleet is, admittedly, small, we have no great resources, why me?"

Shalreen scream with all his might "We honored our deal! We honored our deal!", but it cannot be heard through the barrier. "Silence then? You choose to hide those who would do me harm?" said Mor, glaring. "Very well, look behind you." Turning his head, Shalreen's beady, bloodshot eyes widen in terror. The space he is standing on is actually an airlock, hidden by a holo-field of some kind. Mor moves his hand to another ruin, pressing and. The lock opens, hurling the screaming Haemunculus, along with the trapped Trueborn bodyguards, into the void of the webway.

"Mandovil"I shout. "Make a course for these coordinates, I have heard of a large shipment of goods. Munitions and food, being sent by ground on the planet below. Perhaps, if we are lucky, and can capture it for ourselves, the slaves shall not have to be eaten. Our food supply is running rather low.

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