Monday, February 28, 2011

Ork Looted Valkyrie, stage 1

Right. My brother (who I am painting this army for) really like planes. As such, I have acquired, and begun the painting of, a IG Valkyrie. First Impressions: Whoa, this model is huge, really, I did not expect to get a hunk of plastic this big on my desk. Lots of open space for freehand (if one feels so inclined), and the model presents ample opportunity for detailing and weathering. However, as I am working on a two week schedule to paint up about 25 Orks, 3 deffkoptas and finish Warboss Karkrusha, I have forgone the more fancy brush work for straight up silver highlights and an eventual coat of Devlan Mud.
WIP shots of the model, piloted by two trained Grots, taught the basics of flying by captured Air Caste Tau.

Planning to run it as a fighta, or fighta-bomba, depending if I get a Storm Raven on my hands. If it goes the rought of the fighta-bomba, it'll have some Bomb squigs or Grot Bombs coming out the back. If it goes fighta, then some wing mountain orks on guns will likely be added.

Here is an updated Warboss Karkrusha, now with more highlights and shading on the arms, newly painted trousers (snakebite leather, followed by Red Oak stain, the highlighted with snakebite again). Started work on the, er, rear end of the model.

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