Monday, March 7, 2011

Dark Eldar Kabalite Trueborn conversions

Thats right folks, here is another set of conversion I have done, this time they are ten Kabalite Trueborn. I wanted to make these guys look more skilled and better equipped than their Kabalite Warrior "brothers". To get this look, and in keeping with my space pirate theme, I used a mix of Dire Avenger and Kabalite Warrior bits, and tried to make these guys look really individualized.

First up, Kabalite Drachon with a spear stolen from an Exarch, pointing at something.

Next up we have three heavy support dudes, all decked out in their "borrowed" Dire Avenger armor suits and Dark Lance weapons.

Another Drachon, with a blast pistol I think, and a nice sharp arm mounted blade thing, possibly used to WYSIWYG a Ghostplate Armor suit's shield generator.

A splinter cannon wielding trueborn, turning about to open fire on the poor fool who got into his cannon's range.

A couple of sneaky 2 hand weapon Trueborn.

Double trouble double pistols to represent a Shardcarbine.

Another guy, posed shooting a gun one handed, blade at the ready.

As some may be able to tell, I wanted to make these guys look very dynamic, so that is why they are in such odd poses, but I think the unit turned out all right.

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  1. Nice work! Using Dire Avengers is very clever, I wish I had thought of that before doing my trueborn. I have one squad using Dark Elves corsair cloaks (to go with the Duke) which I'm happy with, but also 2 smaller ones that I don't like much, the only difference between them and normal warriors are some additional spikes on the back and the helmets (used the wyches/reavers "closed" helmets)