Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs (Gorgoth's Legion of Terror) Unboxing

So this arrived in the mail:

So its time for another unboxing. Opening up the package, I found another box inside, filled with plastic and metal goodies, loosely packed in bubble wrap.
Lets see what we get:
Multiple sprues of regular Dwarf plastics (the official numbers are available at Mantic's website)
Multiple metal conversion buts (heads, torsos, weapons, shields, etc)
Printed rules on a pamphlet
Mantic Journal #3 (with printed rules and army lists for Dwarfs, Undead and Elves

Here we have some warriors I managed to build real quick, and the super secret Conclave members, the Goblin and Dwarf Centaur guy

Over all, while the whole range so far has a nice chaotic, retro feel to it, the quality of the casting (at least in my case) of the metal is pretty poor. Lots of flash and irregularities. However, for the price that you pay (I got the whole 60 odd model box for about a hundred dollars), one can't really complain.

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