Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Haemunculi Coven raider

I have a few Coven units in my army, and after looking over some of the BoLS DE plogs, I got inspired to modify one of my old raiders with some Skaven buts I have lying around.

Using some of the plague monks and a rat ogre from the Screaming Bell kit, I've added a turret to the front in the form of a grotesque holding a disintergrator, as well as a few passengers going about thier flesh crafty business. I have officially run out of green stuff, so touch ups on it will have to wait. What I plan to do is to sculpt on hoods and robes to hide the rat-like features of some of the passengers, add a robe to the pilot, and add some sort of hand to the Grotesque holding on to the front, as well as bulk out his neck, as there is a slight gap where his flesh and the metal pyramid head mask meet.

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