Friday, April 1, 2011

updated Haemunculi Raider,with crew

Alright, I got some green stuff and some glue. so its back to work. I added on a claw to the grotesque holding the disintergrator and bulked out his neck a bit.

I forgot to get rid of the skaven symbols on the Rat-Ogre/Grotesque, so that'll have to come out. On to the crew. First up is a wrack with a staff, chanting or something equally sinister.
The hood and parts of the robe where sculpted on, but I think he looks a bit too bulky, but that may work out well, giving the crew a sort of "not right" vibe when compared to the rest of the army.

Here's another set of crew members, no real sculpting at all, I just added a knife and a tambourine.
Hoods will need to be added to conceal their ratty faces.

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