Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kabal of the Howling Gale 2k Tourney list

List time.  This list focuses around creating a target rich environment, while having each unit be able to support the other. 

Several Raiders ensure that it is difficult to prioritize  targets, and each unit packs some form of anti-infantry and anti-tank.  Speed is integral to this list, everyone needs to be able to be at any point on the table in one turn, so there is only one foot unit, for holding objectives in my deployment zone  from turn one.

The two main CC units (Vetc n Pals and the Wyches) will serve to tie up units or if there is no CC threats, cut into enemy firebases. 

Vect will work as a fire magnet. Rather than actually killing stuff his main purpose it to draw far more attention to himself than he warrants. Shots going to him means my troop scan get into position to shoot/contest. 

Asdrubael Vect, 240

Haemunculi with Crucible of Malediction, 70
4x Trueborn with Blasters, 108
venom with additional splinter cannon, 65

5x Incubi, 110

Raider with Flickerfield and Disintegrator, 70.

2x Units of 10 Warriors Each, blaster and splinter cannon, on raiders, with Dark Lances and Flickrfields, splinter racks and shock prows 400

15x Kabalite Warriors, with one dark lance 

10x Wyches,Hekatrix, 110
Raider with disintergrator, flickerfield,70

Fast Attack:

6x Reavers, two Heat Lances. 156 Points 

3x Reavers, Heat Lance, 78

Heavy Support:

Ravager, flickerfield, shock prow,120

Ravager, flickrfield, shock prow,120

Ravager, flickerfield, shock prow, Dissies, 120

The Haemunculus goes with the FootWarriors to toughen them up a bit. He has the Crucible in case I need to kill pyskers, at which point he'll hitch a ride on the Trueborn's Venom.

I'll have some battle reports up in the coming days, we'll see how this list works out.

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