Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beakycon list building

I'll be heading to Beakycon in October, and right now I'm in the middle of list building, and getting practice against marines of all flavors. This is my list for the time being:

Asdrubael Vect, 240
This guy can wipe out marines squads by himself, and he'll be more than able to take out any marine character that comes at him. He's a pretty big fire magnet, and as long as he draws fire away form the real threats (the warriors), he'll be worth his points.

4x Trueborn with Blasters, 108
venom with additional splinter cannon, 65
Standard issue, suicide anti tank unit.
5x Incubi, 110
Raider with Flickerfield and Disintegrator, 70.
Goes with Vect


2x Units of 10 Warriors Each, blaster and splinter cannon, on raiders, with Dark Lances and Flickrfields, splinter racks and shock prows 400
Shot stuff, get kill points.
5x Warriors with Blaster,
Venom with extra Splinter Cannon, 125

5x Warriors with Blaster,
Venom with extra Splinter Cannon, 125
Lurk on the edge of the board, last turn objective grabs/emergency anti-tank.

5x Wyches, Hekatrix with agonizer, Haywires
in a Venom with additonal Splinter Cannon, 155
Goes where I need them, either as a tarpit or vehicle stunner

10x Wyches,Hekatrix, 130
Raider with disintergrator, flickerfield,70

Heavy Support:

Ravager, flickerfield, shock prow,120

Ravager, flickrfield, shock prow,120
Standard Issue

Razorwing with Disintergrators, Splinter Cannon, flickerfields 155
Reserves, kills as much as it can once it comes in, dies. Plus the model kicks ass.


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