Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Warhammer 40,000:Kill Team review

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is a dual stick shooter release on Xbox Live Arcade the other day for 800 Microsoft Points (Ten dollars US), and I figured I'd go over it in case anyone is interested in picking it up.

Taking place aboard an Ork Kroozer, the player(s) take control of a Space Marine, either a Librarian, Vanguard Veteran, Sternguard Veteran (more of a Devastator) or a Techmarine, and procede to shoot through thousands of orks. The game features local co-op for two players, and online leader boards, but no online co-op.

It's a pretty standard dual stick shooter, you walk through various parts of the ship and kills things. The enemies range form packs of Grots, to Boyz (both assault and Shoota), Nobz, Tyranids, and some ork vehicles. The AI is fairly simplistic, with the Orks charging you with no regard to thier safety and almost no strategy (as all orky orks should,though shoota boyz will stand back and shoot you while other orks assault)

The classes are fairly varied, with the Sternguard and Techmarine focusing and shooting ( the Techmarine can also deploy turrets), while the Vanguard and Librarian are more CC oriented (though the Librarian can be used for Area Control). Killing things earns you points, and kill streaks add multipliers. These points allow you to level up your weapons and pick perks, though it doesn't go much deeper than "Increase Damage by X, or Increase Health by Y".

The game doesn't really feel "40kish", and though it does have Space Marines, Orks, nids and whatnot, the gamepay doesn't reflect the setting. All the ranged weapons bar the Meltagun are just progressively stronger versions of the standard bolter (the plasmacannon shoots blue versions of the bolts shot by the heavy bolter, for instance) and the marines lack any real flavor.

Overall, its a solid game. If you are a fan of dual stick shooters, or just want a quick and bloody distraction, Kill Team could be for you. If you're a fan of 40k (and if you are reading this blog, you probably are), it's still fun to kill orks while shouting 'For the Emperor', even if you are doing so with a rapid fire Missile Launcher or a Melta Gun with infinite range.

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