Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mechapalooza: Where are they now?

In short, dead. Yes, loyal readers, the tournament is over, and the 330th Armageddon Steel Legion, 3rd Battalion, B Company has... tied. Indeed, my reliance on Chimeras has proved to be a double sided chain sword, and not being a Khorn berserker, I don't like double sided chain swords. The 3 Chimera bound squads proved much more maneuverable than any of my opponents, from orks (orkzez?) to Space Puppies I mean Wolves to Demons. However, the point cost, at least in my opinion is too steep. As such, I am, shocking I know, moving one of my Chimeras and Vet. Squads (with Grenade Launchers) and replacing them with another platoon and a heavy weapons squad. More detailed accounts will be made available the next three days, in the following order: Guard vs. Orks, Guard vs. Space Wolves, and Guard vs. Demons. On a side note, my record is Lose, Draw, Draw for this tourney. Well, at least I didn't place last. Yay!

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