Monday, October 4, 2010

The Empire Vs. High Elves, now with more camera failure.

My camera has failed me. As a result I have not been able to upload the BT photos. However through my kung fu grip on the English language, I shall paint for you a scene, that, while not a turn-by-turn analysis, is pretty accurate.

Dawn, the morning mists swirl away, revealing a rustic chapel, yellow painted aged brown from age, the trees rustling in the breeze. Above the gentle shaking of branches, the sermon of a Warrior-Priest is heard. Clad in a simple red robe, bearing a shield in one hand and a hammer in the other, he bellows unforgiving verses from the Canticle of the Heldenhammer. Heart-felt cries of approval emerge from the gathered crowd. Nineteen swordsmen, their black and white shields battered, their blades knicked and damaged form battle; ten Greatswords, standing proud in stained armor and leaning on their massive blades. The ten handgunners and mortar team stand away from the men, loading their arms, checking powder, shot, making sure all is in order. The wild form of the local Jade Wizard stands near a grove a trees. From the west, a call of horns is heard.

The drilled marching of feet and the gallop of hooves is heard. A glittering host of disciplined fighters emerge from the forest, resplendent in white cloth and silver mail, wielding fine spears, master crafted bows and massive seven foot long blades. Their liege lord arrives at the front of the column and bellows "Men of the Empire, your Shrine stands upon an Anvil of Voul! Remove yourselves!". Silence, followed by the single report of a rifle. The missile whizzes past the Elf Nobleman's ear. "So be it."

The rallying cries of the Warrior-Priest pierce the dawn as the Swordsmen gather around him. The mortar team lays down their venerable war-machine near the chapel. The Hangunners postion themselves opposite the Greatswords. Across the field marked only by the ruin of a single pillar of stone forms the High Elven line.

Brilliant banners rise above the silver helmed heads of rows of hardened Sea-Guard, standing next to the grim and skilled Swordmasters, their blades gleaming with a magical sharpness. A falcon soars above. The rustle of leaves, the movement of shapes in the forest. A murmured prayer here, a reassuring glance from a friend, the though of those at home.

Horns blare, the Sea-Guard march forward in perfect lines. The Nobleman observes the proceedings.

"FORWARD, SONS OF SIGAMR" Cries the Warrior-Priest, the Swordsmen rush forward, and meet Elven spears with Dwarfen shield and Imperial steel. The Elve's super-natural speed and skill lay-low two swordsmen, while the powerful strikes of the Warrior-Priest's hammer and the combined might of two ranks of Swordsmen bring three Elves to their deaths. The Nobleman jumps into the unit of Swordmasters, and moves towards the Handgunners, who reply with well aimed retorts of the armor piercing, lead-based variety, and two Swordmasters collapse under the weight of the fire. A mortar fires, slaying two Reaver horsemen, who ready thier bows and fire, slaying the Jade Wizard.

Through sheer fury, the Warrior-Priest leads his Swordsmen to victory, slaying the Sea-Guard to a Elf, and bellowing a challenge to the Reaver Champion, who engages him in single-combat. The Swordmaster charge the Handgunner's Greatsword escort, slaying all ten of the rugged veterans in a flash of steel and blood, leaping over still warm corpses and charging the Handgunners, who respond by letting loose a storm of lead, cutting down the five Swordmasters too slow to dodge the projectiles. However, four Swordmasters remain, as well the Nobleman, who chop through the Handgunners with smug ease. The Warrior priest slams blow after blow with his hammer, while the Reaver Champion parrys and ducks and weaves. A flash of Elven steel, a splash of crimson as the Champion removes the Warrior Priest's head in a moment of weakened defense.

And that its. for those who wish to know, the Elves won, due to the Victory Point system. However, I really enjoyed this game, it was really fun and a nice change of pace from all the Skaven and Tau. Ogres here tomorrow, thanks for reading.


  1. In all honesty it was a VERY good fight, Nice narrative, try checking for spelling mistakes more thoroughly next time and here's the actual ending, which you forgot:
    At the sight of their Priest slain and beaten the soldiers turned tail and fled, figuring it wiser to return from whence they came and restock and regroup, than to stay here and ATTEMPT to try and slay the remainder of the elves, whose Sword Masters would surely cut them down with great ease, little did the Imperial foot soldiers know, their decision to flee would be a fatal mistake. . ."
    So there, nice job anyway, and thanks for a good battle, see you on Tuesday!

  2. BEHOLD:Its' spell checked glory!
    Also, no, the Mortar would have killed off at least two, and the Swrodsmen would have killed off a couple. 19 swordsmen with 6+ parry saves, you would only be able to at best slaughter all but three, and at that time, and after those 3 got killed, more mortar fire would have come right at you.

  3. Hrm. The more I hear about the swordsmasters the more I wonder what is an effective counter to them.

  4. PROTIP: Shooting. Any shooting. High Elves kill everything in CC. They kill everything in Magic. But they are just average in shooting. Swordmasters are disgusting fighters, Str7, WS6, always strike first, 2 attacks each, and if they higher initiative they can re-roll failed To Hits. You NEED to shoot them before they get into charging distance. That and Toughness based magic. Lore of Nurgle, Lore of Beast butcher elves, because they have low Toughness. Mortars, rock throwers, archers and handgunners are the answer.