Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dose O' Hobby,Wednesday, October 6th

My ogres actually arrived yesterday, buy I lost my house key, and had to wait for someone else to come home and open the door. And some bad fish yesterday gave me food poisoning.Anyways, here they are, I'm basing the in Chaos Black right now, and will start painting them either today or tomorrow.

And here is my Butcher. For those not in the know, Ogres don't get wizards, instead they get "Butchers" and "Slaughtermasters", which are Level 2 and Level 4 wizards, respectively, with their own lore "Gut Magic", which I can best describe as a more dangerous lore of Beasts/Life. I used Green Stuff to make a skull mantle (that blob of stuff covering his face), as well as filling out the gut, making an apron, and some guts on his sword, and I used the Standard Bearer arm, and glued on a skeleton form the Kroot set.

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