Thursday, November 18, 2010

Empire unit filler, part one

I've found myself in need of Halberdiers, so I'm creating some unit filler for my 40 man Swordsmen horde. Here is the first piece, using a 40mm base, and pieces from the Flaggelant and Empire Chapel kits, and GaleForce 9 grass. I'm tempted to make this count as a musician and standard, as the enoous statue and screaming fanatic are pretty easy to spot, especially since the flaggelant isattached to the statue by a chain and is dragging it with him. I think I will name him William Phips (cookie for reference). Tell me what ya'll think please:

Here is how I went about painting it:
first, William Phip, who was painted looooooong ago, I think in June or August. Walmart quality Black, dark Blue, and white for his clothes. The mud is calthan brown with Ultramarine Blue and the blood is Scab Red layered (a bit heavily ) with Mechrite Red. The water is based in Calthan Brown, then Ultrmarine Blue, followed by Hawk Turquoise, and the white water effect is Hawk Turquoise mixed with simple white paint. As with the blood, after the paint dried, I applied a thin coat of Krazy Glue for a shiny-wet effect. The Statue is FolkArt Inca Gold, then Dwarf Bronze, with Hawk Turquoise highlights. If you focus, one of the statue's faces is crying tears of blood. Angsty I know, but i thought it looked cool.


  1. I like it. statue looks a bit inconsistent but other than that its great.

  2. Yeah i need to fill it in with green stuff