Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First half of Empire Swordsmen-done

I have manged to finish re-painting and basing a solid twenty Swordsmen for coastal assault. The have been painted using a black basecoat followed by Warlock Purple for the purple areas, a white basecoat and then Sunburst Yellow for the yellow bits, various mixes of Tallarn Flesh and Dwarf Flesh for the skin, Hawk Turquoise for the feathers Stirling Silver for the iron.steel and Dwarf Bronze for any copper or bronze areas. The basing was done with wood glue, Galeforce Nine Static Grass (green) and Calthan Brown. Once I have finished painting the entire army, I will begin doing highlits and touch ups, but here they are in their base 3 colors of purple, yellow and silver, the first half of the Ostermark 8th Mountaineers:

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