Friday, November 19, 2010

Empire unit filler, part two, now with %100 poorer lighting.

Here is the second bit of filler that I've done, instead of actually painting my army. the idea I had while making this was "If the Flaggelants will chain themselves to statues, how does the Empire treat prisoners?". in short, I took a 40k Ork Boy, cut him up, and chained him to a ruined plinth from the Arcane Ruins set, then placed two empire soldiers in front, one with a standard another with a horn, and one has a broken sword... anyways, the paint scheme is the same for all my empire, the usual Warlock purple and Sunburst yellow, same deal with the water as well, and the blood. I painted a trail of blood from the top of the plinth and it goes all the way to the murky water and mixes in. I think this piece really captures the inherent brutality of what Warhammer is, a wargame, where we make little plastic men kill each other with little plastic swords.

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  1. This is the most bad ass thing I think I have ever seen.