Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Them Army vote off, modeling fun with skeletons, Battlefoam case review and new Death's Kingdom miniature

Howdy readers, I've got some interesting things to share today, first, I've narrowed down my choices on creating a themed army to two, namely, 2500 Points of Witch Hunter Empire or 2500 Points of Frankenstein-inspired Vampire Counts. Work would begin in roughly a month'd time, so which ever is more favored by you, the reader, will be chosen. just post a comment telling me which I should do or chastising me on poor section of armies, the later of which will be promptly ignored.

Secondly, I'm in the final haul to finish up all I will need for my table top exxxxxxxxxttttrrrrraaavaganza next week. All that is left to model and hopfully paint are roughly twelve Skeletons, here are six I have built today, using a mix of Zombie and Skeleton Warrior bits:

I wanted to give these guys a "rising from the grave look". Once I base them with some brownish "freshly turned" soil.

I wanted to make these skellies like like they where put together and revived with what was on hand, namely both bones and corpses, so they still have some fleshy bits on them. I'll likely have these guys finished, along with the rest of the skellies, in about two weeks, maybe a bit more.

I received my PACK 432 Battlefoam bag a few weeks ago, but I figured I should post some pictures and talk about how great it is. The bag holds about 7 and 1/2 inches of foam (in terms of thickness), along with several pockets that can hold various things (dice, rulers, templates, super glue, hammers), and the bag is re-enforced with hard plastic plates so I won't crumple. My only complaint is that the there is no way to secure your foam with the exception of filling up the entire bag, but that isn't really an issue with the bag in itself.
Here, have some pictures:

And last, and the most horrifiying, is this (NSFW) thing. It is a masterclass in "what not to ever sculpt", but I suppose that the more perverse of you Chaos army players may find use for it.

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  1. I'm liking your idea with the skellies. The ones rising from the grave look pretty awesome.

    Also, the wet nurse : I came.

    (just kidding. It's pretty disturbing :[ )